Newsroom Round Up

Hey readers! Here’s what happened in the ShoutOut! Newsroom this week! The Muslim Ban On Friday, January 17, President Trump issued an executive order (making it his fourteenth executive order in just his first week of office) banning immigrants and refugees of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for 90 days, as well as […]

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I don’t give a tit

If you look at a male or female nipple up close, can you tell the difference between the two? On Instagram, @genderless_nipples, with nearly 50,000 followers, posts close-up photos of both male and female nipples, but does not identify the sex of the individual. The caption for each image contains inspiring messages such as “People […]

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The Silver Lining

Last Saturday, one day into Donald Trump’s presidency, I was feeling pretty down. Not even posts on social media from the Women’s March were able to make me feel much better. So I decided to sit down with a positivity journal my dad got me for Christmas to see if it would help at all. The […]

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“American Honey” review: A lost America through the perspective of a lost girl

A grocery store chicken wrapped in plastic is fished from a trashcan and thrown to a little red-headed kid. A young woman spontaneously riding in a pick-up truck with a group of oil-workers who sneer when she asks “if they’re rich.” A van filled mostly with white kids in baseball caps, tank-tops, and metal neck […]

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Why so many Questions?

Our very own president is a packaged flaming hot cheeto with peanut butter hair and doll hands. I was tasked with facing that in November, and each day my feminist rage grows. So I wrote a poem that tries to channel my rage into what’s more of a question. Questions I think that As we […]

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Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Sign

Around 4 p.m. last Saturday afternoon, I sat in Elephant and Castle on Pennsylvania Avenue as President Trump delivered a televised speech to the intelligence community in front of the C.I.A. memorial wall. Around me a rowdy crowd booed and jeered at this man, and outside a steady procession filled the streets in opposition of […]

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Pope Francis is the Breast

Hey hey hey! I’m one of your new bloggers here and this is not only my first ShoutOut! blog post, but my first ever blog post! So to introduce myself a little bit I thought I’d start out with my two areas of study: religion and feminism. Pope Francis has won over a lot of […]

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These Boots Were Made For Walking: Afterthoughts on the Women’s March on Washington

When first launched, the Women’s March on Washington was a post-inaugural protest, but it quickly evolved into a global mission for equality. On Saturday, January 21st there were 673 marches total. In Washington D.C. alone, the Metro logged 1,001,613 entries into the rail systems, which is a slap in the face to Trump’s Inauguration Day, where there were only […]

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