Leave Marilyn Alone

The new Netflix film “Blonde” was released on September 28th, and has since received an outraged response for the portrayal of Marilyn Monroe. Whether or not you are a fan of Marilyn Monroe, to watch this movie as a woman is extremely difficult from the exploitive nature of the film. From the incredibly disturbing sexual […]

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Sex Education and Netflix’s “Big Mouth”: the Triumphs and Pitfalls

If you haven’t already heard about the Netflix series, Big Mouth, then I am here to inform you about all the controversy surrounding this popular show and why. As a preface, anytime sex, puberty, and adolescence is brought up, conversations are fraught with discomfort and shame due to how stigmatized our way of sex education or lack […]

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Is Charlie Brown Racist?

Why is it when racism is brought up non-people of color find ways to suggest racism does not exist, granted it might not be in America’s favorite childhood show, but it does exist and the narrative needs to be changed when it is brought up. 

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