See you all next semester!

This has been a great semester. We hope you all have enjoyed all the conversations had and continue to read/ discuss with us! Thank you all for reading and engaging in conversation. It truly is important that as a feminist community, we have these conversations. Looking back, we have done our best to cover feminist events […]

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The Journey

Hey friends today we are going to do a little bit of a #TBT which is excellent because it is actually Thursday (I have a problem with saying #TBT when it isn’t Thursday). We are going to talk about how I was a terrible feminist prior to college, and how I was still a bad […]

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One Final Post

Hello Friends, The day has unfortunately come where I sadly have to formulate my thoughts into one last post. Read close to see my word vomit of feminist thoughts that I regretfully won’t be able to share with you in depth. When you think about feminism and gender equality, please don’t forget about those with […]

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Are You Kidding? White Student Unions?

Okay. I’m about to brief you on some real bullshit. Recently White Student Unions have been appearing all over the nation. One of the first seemed to have originated in MIzzou. As you may know Mizzou and Yale have had a lot of racial tensions within their universities recently. There even have been a multitude of death threats on yik […]

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