Back At It Again With That Health Education

After I wrote about my experience at Planned Parenthood last week, I realized that there is so much more to be said. So, here we are again.

First, I wanted to address why I had to go to the Silver Spring clinic while staying in D.C.. At the time of my appointment this summer, there were no Planned Parenthood clinics in Washington, D.C.. In 2015, the Planned Parenthood clinic in downtown Washington had to shut its doors, doors that had been open for forty years. Only this September did another Planned Parenthood reopen. This facility’s opening is a huge win for health care, allowing thousands better access to the services they require!

If you take a look at this article from the Washington Post, you can see that this new facility has double the rooms than the old D.C. location, with six nonsurgical exam rooms and four procedural rooms. This clinic is expected to serve over 12,000 people in the coming year and it’s not only for female-identifying patients, as I addressed in my previous post.

Planned Parenthood offers a variety of services for the sexual health of male-identifying patients, such as colon, prostate, and testicular cancer screenings, condoms and vasectomies, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation services (including education, exams, treatment, and referral), infertility screenings and referrals, STD testing and treatment, and urinary tract infection testing and treatment.

Not only does Planned Parenthood treat male- and female-identifying clients, but they also provide services for trans*-identifying and gender nonconforming identities. They provide educational materials to inform the public about gender dysphoria, transitioning, and supporting peers who identify as non-binary. At certain clinics, listed on the webpage of the above hyperlink, they even provide hormone treatments for transition.

Planned Parenthood provides numerous resources online, from how to maintain healthy relationships to de-stigmatizing masturbation, and I encourage you to check out their website if you ever have any questions or concerns about your sexual health, your gender identity or sexual identity, or your body or body image.

I am aware that I am a little hyper-link happy in this post, but the Planned Parenthood website has so many amazing resources that I had to show them to you – please check them out! Also, please spread the word: Planned Parenthood does more than provide abortion services. Even everything that I mention herein does not completely cover all the services that Planned Parenthood clinics provide for their patients. Their presence nationwide is a necessity in order for everyone to have comprehensive access to healthcare.

Feature Image Source: Flickr


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