Finding an ally: Dr. Matthew Ezzell

If you find yourself at James Madison University, and happen by some chance to come across the Sociology Department, you may have the chance to meet Professor Matthew Ezzell. The Professor started his education at UNC-Chapel Hill and acquired his BA in Women’s Studies, continued as UNC-Chapel Hill and attained his Master’s and PhD in […]

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Menstruation is a biological process that has been stigmatized for centuries.  A taboo in most cultures, periods are something people prefer not to talk about, and are encouraged to keep quiet about.  My mother had her period, hell, I’m on mine now, and I’m sure my grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother had her period too.  Almost all […]


Covid-19 and Women’s Mental Health

Although National Women’s history month has come to an end, we must not forget or neglect the present’s strong women. In today’s blog post, I would like to call to attention the pandemic’s lasting effects and how it has disproportionately affected women. This March marks an entire year since the start of the full-fledged quarantine, […]

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Waves of Feminism

The first and second waves of feminism both wave reached their ends before the beginning of the 21st century. And there has actually been much argument in feminist circles about whether or not there is a third, or even a fourth, wave. So, lets delve into what each of the waves represented and achieved. The […]

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Newsroom Roundup!

In Our Backyard (Local): The Rockingham County Board (RCB) started and expanded the “Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow” program. The Rockingham County Board is continuing this semester-long program for the high schoolers, but with a twist . This will now offer mentorships in addition to learning about how to be an effective teacher. This means that […]

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Atlanta: Gunned down

Recently, in the United States, there have been many acts of violence, and especially violence against those in the Asian community. These actions and events are not new to those within the Asian community or those who are POC (people of color), but ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the term “Asian […]

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