Inclusive language matters

In a time where everything is very unstable and uncertain, so was my “struggle” with my sexuality. I quote the word struggle because internally, I never questioned or felt guilty about who I was attracted to, both physically and romantically. From the time I began to consider dating people, I always knew that I was […]

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Newsroom RoUNDup (11/30)

LOCAL NEWS: “GOVERNOR GLENN YOUNGKIN & HIS “POLITICALLY MOTIVATED” PLAN TO REMOVE ALL MENTIONS OF DR.MARTIN LUTHER KING JR, IN THE ELEMENTARY HISTORY CURRICULUM” The drafted plan was originally introduced in August 2022 and placed an emphasis on valuing Virginia’s history and fixing the curriculum to adhere to the “new” standards. The year 2015 was […]

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Womens Rightd around the world

It is sad to see that complete gender equality has not yet been accomplished anywhere across the globe. Growing up in America and learning about Women’s rights in places like Afghanistan and Iran has made me feel incredibly fortunate. Even though America is not perfect and has definitely not reached perfect gender equality, we are […]

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Fear: holiday dinner

*Trigger warning for people that have suffered from an eating disorder* “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” well for some. Christmas dinner, a joyous event, eating delicious food surrounded by your loved ones. An event that most suffering from an eating disorder dread instead of look forward to. With a lack of control […]

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Are abortion rights an ENVIRONMENTaL issue?

The new pro-life argument in the abortion debate. Following the recent election results, the anti-abortion population has developed a new approach in their fight for pro-life. Interestingly enough, their new argument is based on the environment. Generally a democratic concern, these right-wingers are now showing “care” towards the environment. However, this newly professed concern for […]

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“You Play Like a…”

Growing up, I was a dedicated tomboy. I loved soccer, video games, and Pokemon. Going into each recess I knew I had the choice to play sports with the boys or crafts with the girls. No matter what I chose, I knew I would be accepted into each group. This allowed me to find different […]

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LOCAL NEWS:  Harrisonburg High School students hold walkout in response to Gov. Younkin’s policies Repercussions of the policy concern students of Harrisonburg High School, stating that this action could create a potentially dangerous environment for school youth rooted in transphobia, seeking to harm trans and nonbinary youth. Teachers and school staff may forcibly “out” students […]

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