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No Moore; Humanity wins. Alabama is Back and Blue!

The immorality of voting someone with such low regard for integrity and respect into office would be a loss for Alabama and even the Republican party. Many republicans today have been thanking their stars that he did not win, knowing that it may be losing a battle but not the war. The disappointing factor is that he won by such an immensely small margin.

She Said What?

Alright folks, I’m sure we’ve all heard about women who don’t identify as feminists.  I’m sure we’ve read the articles where women criticize feminism and the…

Hair in all the right places.

Shaving is trendy mostly because it makes us look more like the 11 year old versions of ourselves, which stated like that sounds quite repulsive… So let’s let Mother Nature’s handiwork do it’s job. Let’s not let the trends get the best of us. I can hop on the avocado toast train, or even the winged eyeliner boat, but let’s make sure that the things we’re doing still satisfy our needs for self care and personal hygiene.