Blood shortage crisis

Moms. Moms know all, even when we do not want to believe them. Mothers unlock a sixth sense when they are handed their child. This sense matures over time; mothers can see threats a mile away and have time to warn their child of upcoming events. What if a mother does not have the luxury […]

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Newsroom Roundup 10/15/21

In 10/12/21’s class, we shared one local, national, and global news story that relates to feminism. Local: An annual breast cancer 5k/golf tournament will be held at the Heritage Oaks Golf Course on October 16th. This is their 19th year hosting this event and all the proceeds go to the cause of RMH Foundation for […]

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inequality towards women in sports

Throughout history it was very uncommon for women to do many things in society, like having a job, being able to vote, and playing sports. It was customary for women to stay in the house and fulfill their “womanly” duties at home and take care of the children. Today, we have many accomplished women that […]

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The Problem With Pronouns

I want to explore the topic of gender based pronouns, but first I think it is important to quickly distinguish the difference between sex and gender for anyone who might not be familiar. Sex refers to the biology of a person, whereas gender is a social construction of what it means to be more feminine or masculine. Furthermore, sexual orientation and sexuality typically refer to one’s physical, emotional, and/or romantic attractions.   Like […]

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gay and internally homophobic?

I am a pastor’s daughter that identifies as a lesbian. Fun, right? Here’s my story, get ready for the ride of a lifetime… literally. I grew up in a household that never even mentioned the concept of same-sex marriage (or at least never mentioned in a positive manner). I was homeschooled for the beginning years […]

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Ask me about my diagnoses

The long journey to getting the proper help Trigger Warning: Self-harm Mental illness: we all know about it from social media, friends, and even classes, but how much do we really know about it? As someone who has been diagnosed with 3 mental illnesses, I hope to give you some insight into my life with […]

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