Lavender is a color that has represented the LGBTQ+ community throughout history. Lavender, a mix of pink and blue, represents the fluidity and blurring of gender lines in society.  When lavender graduation was first introduced in 1995, it was no surprise lavender was the color chosen to represent this ceremony. Lavender graduation was an event […]

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News Room Roundup 4/18

LOCAL NEWS Liz Wheeler will be coming to campus next week to speak in the Madison Union Ballroom April 26th. She is a conservative political commentator, who will be speaking at a lecture titled, “The Ideology of Transgenderism.” It is to be hosted by JMU’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, which “brings students together […]

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Dragged through the Coals

Drag. It is a form of expression that has helped people explore themselves and their identities for years. This form of self-expression has existed since at least the 1870’s, and possibly even longer. There has been a long history of Drag existing and shaping the world. However, recently, there have been many bills that have […]

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News room round up 4/11

LOCAL NEWS Posted on James Madison’s school news page this past week was a podcast by Future U which featured JMU’s President, Jonathan R. Alger. Before he was JMU’s President, Alger was most notably assistant General Counsel at the University of Michigan, in which his skills in law proved crucial to UMich’s efforts in two Supreme […]

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Hot Girls Have Scary Dogs

*TW: mentions SA and Sex Trafficking** We as women live in a scary scary world. Sex trafficking, sexual assault, and just overall women’s safety issues are rampant in the US and disgustingly normalized. Which is why…I am a big fan of protection dogs or “scary” dogs in general. After everything that has happened with the […]

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Does Miss America Miss the Mark?

The Miss America Pageant is known to many and has certainly been prone to controversy and differing opinions over the years. The pageant is now over 100 years old and with its longstanding presence in society I feel it is important to recognize Miss America’s evolution over the years. The contest originated in 1921 at […]

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Iowa signs Gender Affirming Care ban

The recent decision by Iowa’s governor to sign a bill that bans gender-affirming care has set back the United States in terms of progress towards equality and human rights. This decision is a clear violation of the basic human rights of transgender individuals and shows a disregard for their lives and well-being. The bill, which […]

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is Hookup Culture harmful?

Hookup culture is a common part of lots people’s college experience, however, many people do not know or understand just how harmful this culture has the potential to be. My experience with hookup culture is not something I regret, but rather something that has formed me into who I am today and contributed to what […]

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