Female Empowerment is Terrifying Or How To Win At Halloween

If you’re still looking for a Halloween costume that is sure to win you first place for scariest ensemble, just go as an empowered woman (Elizabeth Warren or Viola Davis are among many great options). With the latest drama from Trump supporters being a Twitter trend to #Repealthe19th over polls showing that Trump loses pathetically amongst women but overwhelming wins with men, it is apparent that any semblance of female power is a threat to those who see it as an obstacle to their desires. What is it they say about entitlement again? Oh yeah: “Equality is oppression to the privileged.” Apparently providing equal voting rights to all citizens (that means women too, in case you forgot that they make up 50.8% of the US population)  under the jurisdiction of federal and state law is oppressive to people who might not get to see their bigotry and hatred rewarded come November.

While Donny’s most extreme stans are currently the most vocal advocates for undercutting the rights of women, they aren’t the first and nor will they be the last. There’s a deeper issue that lies beneath their fearful cries of “Repeal the 19th!,” one that independent, empowered women are met with every time they walk out the door. It’s an issue that perpetuates the usage of “bitch” to describe a woman who is ambitious and driven. And most importantly, it’s an issue that thrives on sexism, misogyny and gender roles.

There is a villainization of powerful women in our culture. Being seen as successful, empowered or independent can cause male partners to feel threatened or lack self-esteem, male co-workers can feel like having a female boss infringes on their manhood and cause men to fall into existential crisis about their relevance in the modern day. And, while all of these issues are directly correlated to the precious male ego, it’s somehow still the woman’s fault for aspiring to realize her full potential as a badass boss-lady.

But it’s not, is it? The cultural distaste for empowered, successful women has more to do with gender roles and misogyny than anything else. For centuries men have been the primary breadwinners. It was their “job” to protect, support and provide for their wives and families. Women, on the other hand, were in charge of domestic responsibilities. However, now that more and more women are waiting or opting not to have children (thanks for those options, Science) or get married, those archaic roles are losing their relevance. Not to mention, women have surpassed men in having more advanced degrees. It is the age of powerful women and Donald Trump isn’t the only man feeling the heat. While Hillary is a formidable opponent, it’s the female voters behind her that will eventually do Donald in. And, just like Hillary, women are not going to going to stop achieving, succeeding and slaying just because a bunch of manchildren feel the security blanket of their privilege finally becoming irrelevant.

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3 thoughts on “Female Empowerment is Terrifying Or How To Win At Halloween

  1. Slayyyy gurl. First of all, your rhetoric is great, referring to Trump as Donny then referring to privilege as a security blanket!!!

    I completely agree with this, and I think we should all aspire to dress as inspirational feminists this Halloween! 🙂


  2. Angry Boy Trump represents the last hurrah for the 50s-esque Leave it to Beaver patriarch to gain significant power over society. Should he fall, we’ll see a weeding out of the old white baby boomers holding onto their old white power structures. Women like Elizabeth Warren and even Hillary Clinton with her newfound step into more leftist territory symbolically represent that structural shift quite mightily and given your source on women holding more advanced degrees now then men, its likely that we will (hopefully) see a gradual presence of more women in prominent societal/financial/marketable leadership positions, helping to craft the reins of a new America. Yet as you point, the white male ego is a viscous little wolverine with people like Trump and the Alt-Right trying to latch onto their toxic power structures by any means possible, as elements like “Repeal the 19th” may actually seem like a legitimate practice in their effort to prevent their worldview from dying out.


    1. It’s tragically pathetic to watch white male privilege continue to hinder social progress in and out of the political sphere. It’s also pathetic that repealing the 19th Amendment is their answer to not getting what their entitlement has led them to believe they deserve. It’s just like, this is a country not a middle school. I love Elizabeth Warren because she is so unapologetically aggressive in her takedown of misogyny and overall BS. I want to be her when I grow up.


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