Let’s Get Political

The presidential election is coming upon us quicker than we think. The top candidates have not been narrowed down, and it is getting close (and terrifying with Trump getting so much support). But if you are like me, and you care about certain issues, then you’re probably wondering which candidates are the most (or the least) supportive of reproductive rights.

It’s time to shed some light on these candidates’ beliefs on access to safe, legal abortion.


Donald Trump:
This one seems obvious. But it is a little confusing. Trump refers to himself as pro-life, but acknowledges the importance of Planned Parenthood in providing other health services. Trump has condemned abortions, but has now decided that he will change the Republican stance on abortion. He claims that he will make abortion accessible in extreme cases (like rape or incest), yet at the same time he has stated that he wants all abortions to stop. We already know that’s completely impossible anyway. However, his changing view on abortion is perplexing, and has probably confused some of his anti-choice supporters.


Ted Cruz:
This man is actually scarier than Trump. Not only was he one of the people who believed the edited videos used to accuse Planned Parenthood of illegal activities, but he is also against abortion in any case. Cruz wants to investigate Planned Parenthood, cut abortion funding, and he even opposes church-provided contraception. He’s on the far right end of the spectrum, and is a bit extreme.


John Kasich:
Kasich, governor of Ohio, is also a bit confusing when it comes to this issue. As governor, he has passed restrictions on abortion access, leaving the state of Ohio with only eight abortion clinics. However, when asked if he supports abortion in extreme cases, he simply stated that he did. If clinics are being shut down because of bizarre requirements, then how does he think people will be able to access abortions in those extreme cases? He has also signed a measure requiring ultrasounds for anyone seeking an abortion. He seems pretty anti-choice to me.


Hillary Clinton:
Hillary has been outspoken about being pro-choice for years. She supports a person’s right to abortion, but also supports different options like adoption or foster care. She has been quoted as saying that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” She is in favor of restrictions at the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, and believes those abortions should be regulated based on health of the pregnant person and the fetus. I am a bit wary of Hillary when it comes to some issues, like her stance on marriage equality, but with abortion, she seems to be consistent.


Bernie Sanders:
Bernie has supported pro-choice legislation for years. He has repeatedly received 100% ratings by NARAL Pro-Choice America on his stance as pro-choice. Bernie is very dedicated to tackling the issue of poverty and sees the interlocking systems that affect people. He believes that by eliminating poverty, less abortions will occur because more people will be able to afford contraception or be able to afford to care for a family. Unlike Hillary, Bernie seems to be supportive of abortion at all stages, even late-term procedures.

Personally, I am feeling the Bern. It may be months away, but this is still important. Make sure to go vote when the time comes! Until then, make sure to do your research and figure out who you support.

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