The Problem with Belly Watching

Let’s set the record straight: I have just as much of a celeb-centered mind as the next person. The Kardashians are my guilty pleasure, and you know I am watching Beyoncé’s every move. For me, it’s about their fashion choices, but for others, it may be something else; to each their own. But there is […]

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Let’s Get Political

The presidential election is coming upon us quicker than we think. The top candidates have not been narrowed down, and it is getting close (and terrifying with Trump getting so much support). But if you are like me, and you care about certain issues, then you’re probably wondering which candidates are the most (or the […]

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Gender: Womb to Tomb

Gender is such fluid and complex social construction. The gender socialization process begins before a person is even born and plays such a large role in their development. Gender has absolutely nothing to do with ones biological anatomy yet, socially, sex defines gender which in turn assumes everyone’s attracted to the opposite sex because our […]

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