Down-There Care

It’s time for an update! The last time I heard about vaginal care was in a middle school classroom and consisted of awkwardly seeing a pad for the first time. If you’re like me, sex-ed left me confused, scared, and quite honestly kind-of grossed out. You would think that sex-ed would better prepare us for […]

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Cancer. This word holds power before it’s a connection to a human being. Women with cancer. These words hold power, bias, and judgment as a result of gender. When I imagine a woman with cancer, I instantly feel the pain of breast cancer. The pink ribbons, pity, and a potential mastectomy. Many of us know […]


Gender bias in healthcare

Gender prejudice is the action or treatment against a person based on their sex.  We see gender bias present in society in many forms, but healthcare is a crucial one. Bias in the medical field is damaging to the healthcare systems we rely on. In healthcare, gender bias is when patients are diagnosed and treated […]

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Mental health

I would like to think of myself as a very lucky individual, I have an amazing family, good health, great friends, and so many other things that I am extremely thankful for. When I was younger I never thought that there would be any instance where mental health would affect me personally because I had […]

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my journey with Birth control

Disclaimer: This is just my personal experience with birth control. As if being a teenage girl does not suck enough, those are the years we are oh so blessed with what is called the menstrual cycle.  On top of being extremely embarrassed by my hormonal acne like every other teenage girl without porcelain skin, I […]

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World suicide prevention Day

  Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and I wanted to make this post to raise awareness. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people between the ages ten and thirty-four[1], the impacts are wide reaching and yet this is hardly talked about. For these reasons, I believe it is extra important that we try to better understand underlying issues and work to destigmatize the topic. Furthermore, it is […]

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