Newsroom from Your Fave Feminists!

Hey everyone! First off, us bloggers here at Shoutout are SO pumped to be bringing you the final round of NEWSROOM. We’ve greatly enjoyed scoping the scene for all the hot news surrounding feminist issues and hope you’ve enjoyed reading what we’ve got to say! So let’s do this one more time- here’s what’s up ya’ll:


  • Yesterday Senator Elizabeth Warren threw major shade on Twitter. Her target: Ted Cruz. After sending an email to campaign fundraisers essentially detailing the “hardships” of his experience running for President, Warren definitely called Cruz a “whiner”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 4.08.19 PM

  • More drama with South Carolina? You betcha. However, this drama calls for some well-deserved laughs. South Carolina representative Mia McLeod just drafted a bill that would require a 24-hour waiting period for any man seeking Viagra. Her bill acts a direct response to the overwhelming amounts of male-dominated legislature against abortion and even requires men to receive counseling before picking up their prescription. The counseling would focus on encouraging celibacy as another “valid life choice” Love it.
  • Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took clear wins in New York. While the polls had expected to see Trump succeed here, many were actually surprised with how the Democratic race shaped up. Sanders, expecting a victory in his home state had this to say: “Some three million New Yorkers were unable to vote today because they were registered as independents… that makes no sense to me.” Certainly something to look into, Bern.

Stuff you GOTTA know:

  • Harriet Tubman replaces Andrew Jackson on the new 20 dollar bill! Talk about a major change! Get it? Change? The other form of money… Woohoo!
  • Jennifer Anniston named most beautiful women at age 47.
  • Have you found Jesus? This future mom from Indiana claims to have seen him in an ultrasound photo of her unborn baby. Woah.

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