Leaving Home

BEER and BOOKS. If I am being honest, these two words pretty much sum up what I thought college would be like before entering. Endless dirty-bronze rivers flowing with keystone ice and endless stacks of papers and homework. The beer is plentiful and the homework is sufficient, but my college experience has far exceeded these […]

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Happy Birthday

It had to be her smile; peculiar in its power. The power to silence a hundred chattering voices while invoking an authentic curiosity. The people around me became obstacles through which I had to tactfully maneuver so as to not divert my attention from the smile. “Hey.” All I had to offer. Over two years […]

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Sex Positivity

As feminists we hear a lot about sex positivity. Sex positivity can be defined as the ideology that all sex as long as it is healthy and explicitly consensual is a positive thing. I think there is some baggage that has been strapped on to this term. The term encourages sexual activity but has been […]

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Dear World #DearJMU

When I was in fifth grade my mother sat me down beside her on our couch. She proceeded to explain to me that her sister, my aunt, had been diagnosed with cancer. My young, carefree spirit was no match for that melancholic word. Cancer. I could hear the despair in my mom’s voice. My family […]

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“She’s gunna love this,” I thought to myself while scrubbing the kitchen floor. Hours had already been spent vacuuming, dusting and dish-washing. “It will all be worth it.” To top it off, I am going to light candles and play classical music. I want it to be perfect; peaceful, relaxing. She deserves more than I […]

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Porn Sucks

I hate porn. I am a 21 year old dude who hates porn. Porn sucks. In writing on the matter, I have to admit that porn was, at one point, a part of my daily life. It is for this reason I can adamantly speak against it. I hate what it did to me. I […]

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Biblical Feminism Part 3

Any movement or organization whose aim is to fight against an injustice intrinsically has the aim to eliminate their own existence. Essentially a movement is born and exists, in the hopes that its goal will be accomplished and it will end having successfully influenced their respective community. As is the truth with feminism. I think […]

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Biblical Feminism Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 click here. This will not make sense if you haven’t read it! Quick disclaimer: I hold these beliefs but in no way am forcing them on the reader. My desire is to express what I believe and provide clarity to any intrigued mind concerning feminism and the Bible. We […]

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Biblical Feminism Part 1

I am a follower of Jesus. Some may refer to me as a Christian, I prefer Jesus-follower although I do not shy away from the implications that come with being called a Christian. As a follower of Jesus I have dedicated the entirety of my life to knowing him, serving him, loving like him, being […]

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