Biblical Feminism Part 3

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Any movement or organization whose aim is to fight against an injustice intrinsically has the aim to eliminate their own existence. Essentially a movement is born and exists, in the hopes that its goal will be accomplished and it will end having successfully influenced their respective community. As is the truth with feminism. I think I can speak for most of my cohorts at ShoutOut and say that our intention is to see all gender inequality, discrimination, hate, etc. be gone from this world forever. Thus, feminism would have accomplished its goal and the need for it would be gone. Although this is the aim, there is extreme value in the actual process of achieving this goal. That is, the goal, in itself, is not the only aim of feminism. The process of learning how to be more caring, non-judgmental, loving people in the midst of a hateful world is of the utmost value. This process creates a deeper, more socially and emotionally comprehensive person that may not exist if feminism did not go about extinguishing injustices. My point here is that often times we get caught up in achieving a goal and we forget about the process. Although the goal can act as a measure of success, the process of reaching a goal creates beautiful people. Both are good and both should be sought.

So what does this have to do with the Bible? The God of the Bible is deeply concerned with creating beautiful people through a process called sanctification. I’ll come back to this in a second.

So I left off posing the question, if the Biblical God I follow is all-loving and all-powerful why is it that his intent for creation is not the reality in which we live today? Why is their hate and injustice?

I believe the supreme ethic that God has given to us is that of love. God desires us to love him and to love others. I define love as seeing someone and devoting yourself to their beauty (not simply physical.) With God, that is seeing the beauty of Christ and dedicating your life to living joyfully in his promises. With people, that is seeing them as beautiful creations of a beautiful God and devoting yourself to their future beauty that will be undoubtedly made more complete as they pursue a Holy God.  This being said, a necessary component of love is freedom of the will. Without freedom of will, love is robotic. We need to have the capacity to choose to devote ourselves to other people in order to actually love them. Without this ability to choose, love is simply compliance. This is how God created humanity. He gave us the ability to fully experience love and with that ability comes the contingency of freedom of choice. Thus, evil entered the world. Humanity has chosen to love things besides God and this is the source, in my opinion, of all discrimination, hate, injustice, etc. God permits humans to choose things that are evil because he is bound by his nature and the supreme ethic of love. This is why we live in a world that is far from God’s original intent for his creation.

But, God, in his grace and mercy, is seeking to restore humanity through Jesus Christ and the process of sanctification. This is the process that I am joyfully partaking in now. It is this process that has intrinsic value and has shaped my feminist perspectives. God’s banner of humanity is love and he is seeking to restore us back to his original intent so that injustice, inequality and hate are no more. But it is a beautiful process of love that requires choice. Hopefully, feminism won’t exist one day because hopefully it will accomplish its goal. But as for now, let’s keep fighting because this process is deeply valuable.

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