Biblical Feminism Part 2

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If you haven’t read part 1 click here. This will not make sense if you haven’t read it!

Quick disclaimer: I hold these beliefs but in no way am forcing them on the reader. My desire is to express what I believe and provide clarity to any intrigued mind concerning feminism and the Bible.

We left off on the trinity. God is triune and this affects his purpose for creating humanity.

God created man first. His intent for man was to bear the image of himself. That is, man’s purpose would be to reveal God’s character and beauty. When God created man, He said in Genesis 2:18, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Thus, God formed woman. Now hold up, it is easy to read this and say, “Are you saying God only created woman to satisfy man’s loneliness or simply to help man or be man’s servant?” NO. Not at all. Like I previously said, God had a purpose for creating man and woman together. The original Hebrew word for “helper,” in this context, is “ezer.” Ezer is used to describe God more often than anyone else in the Bible. It could be more extensively translated as a person who brings strength or fills an inadequacy. That being said, God used this word to describe Eve because, as a woman, she was filling a void that man could not fill. She was bringing something to the table, in God’s beautiful artistry, that would complete the painting of creation.

So let’s review. God, in his perfect triune nature, created everything in order to display his glory and he created humanity to bear his image. Now that we know why woman and man were created, we can delve into how their creation is a reflection of the Trinity. As discussed in part 1 of the post,  God has to be three inseparable persons as a requisite for moral purity. God initiates with himself and responds to himself. He is his own community. All aspects of the community are perfect and necessary. Similarly, male and female interact with each other, initiating and responding, and thus, bear the image of God. Male alone was inadequate to bear the image of God and vice versa. But together, as a community, they could show forth the beautiful nature of a relational God.

This being said, I believe that God wired differences in male and female that are good and need to be exalted rather than constricted. I do not believe these differences are exclusive to all people. Sweeping generalizations are dangerous and need to be avoided. In my opinion, God has made all people with a unique personality and particular traits that can be utilized to reflect the glory of an all-loving God.

So now that we have established God’s intent for humanity to live together in perfect harmony and to be stewards of God’s creation; caring for all living creatures and tending to the environment as their home, there arises another pertinent question. Why is this beautiful picture not what we see in our world today? Why do we wake up to the pains of hate, discrimination and injustices? Why does slavery exist? Why do the strong prey on the weak?

If God is all-loving and all-powerful, why is it that his intent for creation is not the reality in which we live today? Feminism wouldn’t need to exist if our world was as God intended. There would be no injustices, no discrimination and no pain. So why? Stay tuned for next week’s post on why I believe God allows for bad things to happen.

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