Biblical Feminism Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 click here. This will not make sense if you haven’t read it! Quick disclaimer: I hold these beliefs but in no way am forcing them on the reader. My desire is to express what I believe and provide clarity to any intrigued mind concerning feminism and the Bible. We […]

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Biblical Feminism Part 1

I am a follower of Jesus. Some may refer to me as a Christian, I prefer Jesus-follower although I do not shy away from the implications that come with being called a Christian. As a follower of Jesus I have dedicated the entirety of my life to knowing him, serving him, loving like him, being […]

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News Roundup!

Our world is always changing! There are countless stories of interest for all of you dedicated feminists out there. For this week’s “News Roundup” there are a couple different categories including health, pop-culture-ish and good ol’ pink tax. Health Brazil is facing an epidemic of the Zika Virus which causes rare defects in infants. Government […]

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Every Rose has its Thorn

“I had a good conversation with Ben so now I feel good about myself again,” said Jubilee Sharpe, a contestant on this year’s season of The Bachelor. The terrifying implications of this statement are a testament to the overall vibe of the show and the demeaning values it perpetuates. Jubilee literally says she can only […]

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Be Kind

Be kind: a familiar phrase that was spoken over me daily as a child. The words carried significance. They seemed to be the solution to whatever problems or struggles I may potentially face throughout the day. It was as if my parents were arming me with a metaphysical weapon possessing the capacity to fight my […]

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