From education to entertainment: tiktok has it all [part II]

TikTok has grabbed the attention of the world, showing it to be one of the best ways to engage on important topics. Feminism and self-love are topics that aren’t talked about nearly enough, but the creators on this app have challenged this norm in various ways. As part of our Top Feminist Media of 2021 collection, we wanted to show you 17 TikTok creators that you should hit that “+” button on STAT. In Part I, we brought you the education. Now? Let’s bring on the [Feminist-approved] entertainment!

Entertainment Tok-ers:

  1. @zozoroe – The Zoe Roe Show – Though she may be known for her “YEAHH” and “Bad Bitch” videos, Zozo Roe’s content runs deeper than it’s face value. A deep promoter of self-love and acceptance, she empowers everyone, regardless of gender, to know that they’re strong enough to overcome. Quality laughs AND inclusivity? Yes please!
  2. @chrissychlapecka – Chrissy Chlapecka – A proud Gen Zer, Chrissy Chlapecka considers herself a hyperfemme, outspoken, and sexually liberated bimbo (an effort of reclamation, by any measure). In her itkTToks, she sports pink outfits and dons extravagant makeup looks, while providing political commentary on topics such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+ rights, womens sexuality, and Capitalism. The comedic breakdown of current events and her effort to work the phrase “gay rights” in wherever possible keeps us coming back to her page.
  3. @theresavandamnstylist – Theresa Vandam – Theresa makes lots of different content, but is famous for her TikToks that recreate interactions between her and rude clients. Beyond the entertainment value, she works to show the regularity of these kinds of experiences and how best to handle when people are disrespectful.
  4. @siiriparkss – Siiri Parks – Similar to Theresa, Siiri creates reaction videos to rude clients but her experiences often stem from her being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. She explains how she reacts to clients who show her or another client disrespect due to a variety of reasons, and because of that, is constantly promoting love for all.
  5. @iamtabithabrown – Tabitha Brown – Tabithta is well known for her “that’s YOUR business” tagline in her vegan cooking videos but Tabitha has broadened her videos. She makes supportive videos for those dealing with mental health struggles. Her calming voice could ease anyone’s anxeity and provides a safe space for people to feel listened to and seen in their struggles.
  6. @k8sabz – Kate Hina Sabatine – While creating humorous content about astrology and fashion advice, Kate HIna Sabatine makes comedic queer videos to normalize LGBTQIA+ representation on TikTok. The Asian, non-binary, lesbian creator is famous for their signature lesbian parent skits, where they embody a character named “Donkey Kong” (DK for short) instead of the more traditional “mom” or “dad.”
  7. @annaxsitar – Anna Sittar – If you want to see sunshine in human form, check Anna out. Everyone needs a pick-me-up and she makes videos that range from empowering to entertaining, even going so far as to make videos to help those getting over a break-up. She goes into detail about how even she (who is “sunshine in human form”) has bad days. She reminds her followers daily that they are loved and gives advice for those struggling to get through the day.
  8. @madelineaford – Madeline Aford– Madeline is a model whose content focuses on both creation and Feminism. She often reads Feminist poetry in response to hateful comments and isn’t afraid to point out opinions that are rooted in sexism or misogyny. A supplier of both motivational and poetic content, she also makes Toks that show off her great acting and modeling skills.
  9. @clarabellecwb – Clara Belle – Claire rose to famme in 2020, beginning with her fashionblog Clarabella but picked up a side hoby posting short comedic skits on TikTok that act out “microaggressions against European Americans” (aka whiet people). Her diversitty of topics ranges from hair to what it means to be uncomfortable with the word “white.” Claire’s rationale for her TikTok content is that she believes it is essential to stay on top of what is happening in the world.

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