From education to entertainment, tiktok has it all [part I]

TikTok has grabbed the attention of the world, showing it to be one of the best ways to engage on important topics. Feminism and self-love are topics that aren’t talked about nearly enough, but the creators on this app have challenged this norm in various ways. As part of our Top Feminist Media of 2021 collection, we wanted to show you 17 TikTok creators that you should hit that “+” button on STAT. First up on our two-part list? TikTokers that stimulate the brain.

Image by TheBetterDay

Educational Tok-ers:

  1. @connerdewolfe – That ADHD Guy – Connor DeWolf is a TikTok star, Insta influencer, and Youtube sensation. His videos shed light on his experience with ADHD and how it affects his everyday life. His unique way of sharing information is by acting out real-life scenarios. In one of his most viral videos, he mentions that his goal is to help overturn the negative stigma that comes with ADHD diagnoses.
  2. @blairimani – Smarter in Seconds – Blair Imani has gained popularity through her TikTok and Instagram Reels series “Smarter in Seconds,” which she launched during thet height of 2020’s Black Lives Matter movement. Each video takes a specific topic, from race and LGBTQIA+ issues to work-life balance and how to mitigate burnout, and unpacks it in a digestable way for scrollers. She collaborates with other creators who can shed more light on certain topics, giving viewers multiple outlets to learn more informatiton. She recently came out with the book “Read This to Get Smarter,” which also tackles subjects that may seem too daunting to unpack.
  3. @joshhelfgott – Josh Helfgott – As a gay man raised by two lesbian mothers, Josh Helfgott has dedicated his TikToks to amplifying the stories of others in the LGBTQIA+ community. His videos highlight “gay news” in popular media and American politics. He was also last year’s recipient of GLAAD’s “TikTok Queer Advocate of the Year” award.
  4. @taniberlo – Tani – Tani is a buisnesswoman and mother of two who spends her free time covering lessern known historical facts and figures. Tani’s lesser known historical stories range in topic from the lives of female pharoahs to Alexander the Great’s sexuality. If you haven’t checked out her TikTok on the ancient Greek army made up of 150 gay couples, what are you even doing?
  5. @cheethamswithdreams – Hannah and Becky Cheetham – Hannah and Becky are sisters from Manchester, aimig to spread awareness for cerebal palsy in their community. Becky is a pediatric nurse and Hannah lives with cerebal palsy. They started their TikTok together with the hopes of spreading awareness of how being classified as “disabled” has impacted both of their lives and relationships.
  6. @victoriaalxndr – Victoria Alexander – Looking for some lessons but trying to skip the classroom? Victoria Alexander is an equity and justice educator focusing on the history of racism, voting rights, anti-racist efforts, and Feminism. Her page is neatly organizied into subcategories, making it easier to find a place to dive right in!
  7. @cathypedrayes – Safety and Security Tips – Cathy Pedrayes is commonly known as “TikTok’s Mom Friend”, using her platform to help educate folks on how to be safe and secure in their surrondings. She gives tips on how to keep safe at home, in public, or travelling, as well as how to stay safe online. She’s a lifestyle expert, media consultant, and former scientist, all that lend her credibility and give her a nuanced approach to her content.
  8. @therealemilyroach – Emily Roach – A mom of three, published author, and intersectional feminist, Emily Roach’s content focuses on her experiences and beliefs which challenge traditional gender roles in marriage, emphasize sex and body positivity, and how both can be beneficial to a healthy home.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Part II of our list– this should at least tie you over until then!

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