May I Have 3 Minutes and 29 Second of Your Time?

This February 14th, Rex Orange County released a new single, “AMAZING”. Best known for songs like Best Friend, Sunflower, and Loving is Easy, Alexander O’Connor gave another reason to celebrate a holiday best known for love. This is the second single from upcoming album WHO CARES that is expected to drop in March. Before you ask what a music review has to do with feminist issues… hearing it made me smile. Between the endless cycle of bad news and daily challenges faced, the chance to take a break and enjoy a song is something to be shared. We all consume a lot of negative media from TikTok to Instagram to Twitter, so normalize a diet of media that makes you smile and leaves you feeling good. Take a moment to relax. This is a safe and happy space.

The tune starts out with dreamy orchestral string music. The kind you would expect from a princess dancing barefoot in an enchanted forest with woodland creatures. It is swelling, blossoming, oozing with romance before the beat comes in and the song transitions into a soft pop. First time listening I was moving my head to the tune, almost child-like in its carefree ease.

The lyrics to the chorus go: “Don’t change a thing, you are amazing / I can’t believe you’ve come and saved me / We can stay here, spend every day here /I don’t mind” Rex Orange County sings in “AMAZING”. I think this is a message we all need to hear, maybe more now than ever. Especially the sentiment about enjoying the space and time we are in right now because there is no hurry. The song immediately reminded me of those in my life who amaze me every day, from the smallest interaction to larger overarching goals. Importantly, “Don’t change a thing, you are amazing” is an idea not heard enough.

The video itself is adorable, the premise of which is a happy little hand living on a dairy farm. Music video is an oddly familiar puppet style of animation that feels both eerily and comfortably nostalgic. Every character is a somewhat expressive hand with a face of the thumb making each figure the shape of a thumbs up. The video is refreshingly simple and playful, tying in closely with the lightheartedness of the song its self.

I would absolutely recommend watching the full music video to see a mini romantic comedy starring two hands and a cow. I would not want to spoil too much… but the hand shaped puppets make for an awkward kissing scene. I may never look at thumb wrestling the same.

Rex Orange County helps to tap into the simple love at the core of relationships. This song instantly made me think of driving with my windows down, my friends, my significant other, and how lucky I am for the people in my life. A feel-good serotonin boost, “AMAZING” is a great use of 3 minutes and 29 seconds of your time.

Rex Orange County. “AMAZING” Lyrics. Genius, 2022.

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