Thank You for a Great Semester!

Thank you to all of our readers this semester! We definitely had a wonderful group of bloggers who touched on a wide variety of topics and wrote about them through a feminist lens. From virginity to transphobia to male feminism to injustices in healthcare, our bloggers reached new heights with the wide range of topics they covered in their blogs!

men leaning on rail
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One of the main takeaways from this semester was the fact that a feminist can not only think like a feminist, but he or she must act like a feminist as well! I encourage you all to take a step out of your comfort zone and stick up to those who are spreading negative inclusivity through words or actions.

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A big shout out to Dr. Kathryn Hobson for putting all of this together this past semester! She made the bloggers feel comfortable writing about what they wanted to write about. A lot of bloggers this semester had mentioned how they really enjoyed their freedom to write about topics in which they felt passionate about! It is important for students to feel that type of freedom where they can openly express themselves. Tune in next semester for more knowledge about feminism and advice on how to see the world through a feminist lens!

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