Go ShoutOut, It’s Your Birthday!

Well, here we are! Another semester, another year of bada$$ people coming together to smash the thing we know as patriarchy. Also, it’s our 10th Anniversary!!!! Happy Birthday to Shoutout!

This year we have some AMAZING bloggers coming your way. They come from many different backgrounds, experiences, and in general, they are just some awesome human beings. So, without further ado, I present to you, ShoutOut’s Spring 2020 Class!

The Bloggers

@onemelaninmind -Just a black college student navigating life at my predominately white institution, all while trying to be a voice for others as well as myself. I advocate. I’m a lover of squirrels. Most of all I’m a proud Black woman.

@silentstormmmm -Welcome to my blog! I love my family, dog, food, and all things Black. I am pretty quiet, but don’t get it twisted…I am a Silent Storm.

@crazycatl4dy -Hey everybody, welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to give you guys a little peek into what goes on in this wild head of mine. If I’m being honest, I’m pretty dang new to this whole “feminist” thing, so join me as I discover more and more about such an awesome movement!

@thebadfeminist -Hi friends! After my first WGSS class I became super interested in feminism, gender, and sexuality. As you can see by my name, I’m still learning SO much about feminism and ways I can improve myself and others around me to be more understanding and inclusive. I’m so excited to be apart of ShoutOut!

@nastywoman21 -I’m a junior communications major and my talent is running over curbs. When I’m not busy trying to smash the patriarchy, I spend my free time training to become a wannabe celebrity chef and in an idyllic life I’m cooking side-by-side with Guy Fieri…and we’re both wearing bowling shirts. 

@missworldwidexoxo -“They call me Miss Worldwide.” I’m an SCOM/INTA double major who is itching to see the world. You may find me watching films and cooking up a storm some nights or tucked up in bed reading a good book to a massive playlist. I’m happy to discuss anything from intersectional feminism to Pride and Prejudice adaptations with you all night.

@maximum2022 -I am a Junior majoring in IDLS (Education). I transferred from Northern Virginia Community College and earned an associate degree. I also plan on getting my Masters. Hobbies include reading, arts and crafts, re-watching The Office for the 10th time and most of all eating! I’m excited to have this opportunity to leave my mark on ShoutOut!

@bitchinbutterfly -Girls just want to have fun… and fundamental rights.

@thetravelinggfeminist -I am a junior IdLS major who plans to teach education and women empowerment in a developing country after graduation. Two summers ago, I found myself teaching in Laos where I was able to experience how education is the gateway to individual empowerment. Until I can be the one teaching, I’m here to write about feminist issues in our society that I feel we need to talk about and maybe I empower a few of you along the way. Here’s to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them!

@nbqueen1 -A non-binary queen who is a self-described empath and cat fanatic. Passionate about queer rights, the environment, and mental health, they aim to aid others along their healing journey by extending compassion and love everywhere they go. While an introvert at heart, NBQueen loves having a community to be vulnerable and silly with–especially if they can dance together. Nothing makes them happier than tea, nature, and book stores. They believe story-telling is a transformative tool in making social justice accessible and relatable to every individual. Catch them at Harrisonburg marches, protests, and drag shows.

@firebreather0 -I’m a JMU SCOM major who’s in a feminist blogging class and I have no idea whether or not I’m a feminist. Also, I’m usually classified as a republican, though I don’t really know if I’m that either. Most people say that you can’t be both, but I don’t buy into that B.S. If I’m being honest, I don’t really know who I am or what I believe in. But I do know that EVERYONE deserves to feel accepted, respected and powerful no matter their background. So, come with me on this exploration of feminism and of myself.

@justasubparfeminist -Hi! I’m a junior student who is excited to be joining the ShoutOut community. I’m embracing the idea that we are all just “bad feminist” who can learn lots from each other and can contribute to the larger collective without judgments. When I’m not doing school stuff you can catch me painting or hanging with my chickens.

@badfeminist21 -I’m a feminist, and I’m not very good at it, but I will for sure give you my best perspective. Hopefully my contributions are insightful.

I am senior theatre major at JMU who is too obsessed with all dogs. Most of
the time you will me in a dark corner of YouTube watching makeup tutorials or playing the Sims 4. I am a caffeinated gal who just wants to educate peoplem who want to learn about feminism.

My goal in life has always been to be the kind of woman white men in the ‘50s feared. Now, being a heavily tattooed woman of color, not only would I scare white men in the ‘50s, I am scaring them in 2020. So here I am thriving of my bad bitchness and the tears of men.

Hello Friends! Here to share all of my jumbled thoughts!

I am Strength. I am Weakness. I am Fucking Tired of being one or the other so I’m Neither. Or Both. Or Everything In-Between. I fight God in the behind at the Denny’s and sip Tea with Time every-other Thursday. Sometimes I go Bowling. Sometimes I Read. Sometimes I spend the day Hugging My Dog.

UPcoming Shoutout! Event

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our annual V-Day Performance hosted by ShoutOut! and Students Against Sexual Violence (SASV) on Wednesday, March 4th 7-9 pm in Festival Conference Room 7. Be there or be a square (but don’t be a square, we want to see your lovely face).

Now, here’s to a great Spring semester! WOOO

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