Newsroom Roundup 3/22

LOCAL NEWS On March 6th, Irvo Otieno was killed by Henrico police officers and Central State Hospital employees during the hospital’s inpatient process. During a time of mental health distress, Otieno was met with aggression, criminality, and excessive force by officers and employees. Before being brought to the psychiatric institution, Otieno spent 3 days in […]

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If Women Started Talking About Mental Health: Presented by Lauren Hackett

Content Warning: Eating Disorders On Monday, March 6th, I attended Lauren Hackett’s speech on campus regarding women’s mental health. This event was presented by Alpha Sigma Tau as a panhellenic point for sororities on JMU’s campus. Lauren went into depth about her own mental health struggles, her experiences with eating disorders, chronic illness, and the […]

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Social Media Causes Eating Disorders

Social media use is growing every year. Teenagers average about nine hours of social media use every day. Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are the main avenues teenagers use for posting and communication. Although social media is portrayed as a fun way to share pictures and communicate with your friends, instead it has created anxiety and […]

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postpartum Psychosis

This post was edited on March 21, 2023 by theartfemale TW: Blog talks about violence, child abuse, and mental illness. Recently you might have heard of a case where a mother was accused of strangling her three children and attempted to take her own life on January 24,2023. Her name is Lindsay Clancy. It is […]

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Navigating Self-Care & Growth

I often hear about self-care, love, and growth being discussed among my friends and on social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. Although growing up I thought I understood what self-care and growth are, it rarely occurred to me what they actually looked like, or what it takes to grow. I often thought about […]

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Life Is Paw-Some When You Have A Dog

This post was edited on March 22 2023 by Purplepisces13 Many people in college struggle with mental health issues, over 60% of students are struggling with problems like depression and anxiety. One of the reasons this is so prevalent among college students is because they are in a new environment learning to balance their classes […]

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A bad case of the baby blues

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things about life, but it can also be the scariest. How could someone possibly be depressed after finally bringing their own child into the world after carrying them for 9 months?!? Birthing a child is an EXTREMELY difficult and exhausting process. Mental illnesses are very common in new […]

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College: a love-hate relationship

Since it’s the most “love filled” day of the year let’s talk about love, specifically your love for college. Or maybe your hatred towards it. After three semesters of doing this college thing I feel as though I have enough experience to voice my opinions about the complex lifestyle that we live for four short […]

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Depression sucks

Screaming. I am screaming. But I don’t think anyone can hear me, even though my shrieks have made my vocal chords bleed. I am so tired of not being heard. I am so tired of bleeding. I can’t seem to shake this feeling though, of being silenced, by whom I’m not sure, but some oppressive […]

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