7 Qualities I’m Not Sorry About

Hello fellow feminists! I’m super excited to be writing for ShoutOut this semester, and for my first blog post I wanted to list some qualities and characteristics that society criticizes women for having because it’s “not lady like.”

Disclosure: this list is based off of my experiences and privilege in my 21 years of living as a cis-woman. And want to recognize not everyone is critical like this. 

  1. Being Opinionated: For some reason people (and in my experience usually men) do not want to hear my opinion or when they do they do not like it. I’m sick of getting the response “you have no idea what you’re talking about, you’re dramatic.” I will no longer accept this, NOT TODAY SATAN.
  2. Being Intelligent: Going off of being opinionated, society for some reason gets furious when I’m actually educated on a topic and are able to defend my opinions. Society expects women to be educated in “female subjects,” and not politics, math, theory, or even sports. Last time I checked it’s 2018 let’s move on everyone, women can read now!!
  3. Being Athletic: You know what would be really cool, if someone asked me “Hey! Did you catch the game last night? What did you think about their new quarterback?” Anything along those lines would be intriguing considering it’s never happened before and here’s a shocker, I LIKE SPORTS.
  4. Getting Pissed Off: For some ungodly reason men think that as soon as I raise my voice or start to get angry I MUST HAVE MY PERIOD, but no Chad I just don’t like you. For once I just want to be mad and not have people assume I must be emotional due to PMS.
  5. Having a Loud Voice: This bothers me to my CORE. If I had a dollar for every time I was told to quite down, I’d be able to pay off my college loans. Society expects women to fit into this quiet, petite, feminine mold, and that’s not me and I will not quiet down and will NOT apologize.
  6. Dominance: Whether this be sexual dominance or just personality, women are not encouraged to have this quality. This is very difficult for me, I like to be in control in both aspects and get criticized for it. However, this is not something that is going away so let’s learn to accept it.
  7. BEING A FEMINIST: Lets get one thing straight, feminism is NOT a man hating club. My feminism is intersectional and is fueled by the desire for equal rights for EVERYONE. So please get over yourself and join the revolution!


So stand tall and be proud of who you are! Stop apologizing for things you aren’t sorry for! And most importantly, help to bring others up and not drag them down.

                        Xoxo, riotgrrllll

dawn sunset beach woman
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4 thoughts on “7 Qualities I’m Not Sorry About

  1. @riotgrrllll, I was nodding throughout your post because there were many points you made that I related too. Though I was wondering what you meant by “female subjects”? Nevertheless, I do agree that there are various negative stigmas around women, like the seven you bring up. Continue being yourself and screw what society thinks. With that said, how would you suggest educating the masses about not disregarding a woman’s voice? Or any voice for that matter?
    I enjoyed your post @riotgrrllll and cannot wait to read more from you! Till next time xoxo, the ovaries.


  2. I always get so annoyed when people asssociate women’s anger with their periods!! Like women can’t have emotions without it being tied to our bodies in some way… anyways this list really gave me a good perspective on the things us women face in society!!

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  3. I related the most to the point about being athletic. Being a girl in sports I also notice a stereotype that female athletes and physically strong females are often times not viewed as “beautiful” or “pretty.” This is something through my childhood that effected me I always wanted to be thinner but I couldn’t if I wanted to perform. As I have gotten older I have embraced my strength and I am proud to be a female athlete who has a little muscle on her.


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