Newsroom Round Up

Wondering what the ShoutOut! bloggers covered this week in the Newsroom?

Presidential Business:

Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee has released statements saying that the upcoming weekend’s events will emphasize simplicity over luxury, as if it was a conscious choice on the part of Trump’s team to have no one throw him inaugural balls, to have the stands empty of fellow civil servants, and no celebrities wanting to perform on his behalf. Nice spin, Mr. President, but we see right through it.

Speaking of no one attending the inauguration, have you heard of the movement by congresspeople who are boycotting the Inauguration?

Women Strike Back:

The Women’s March on Washington is the day after the inauguration this week, on January 21. Here is everything you need to know, from location, leadership, and who is planning on attending. However, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding the March – from the use of the male sex symbol on the cover of Express magazine to claims of cultural appropriation and lack of inclusion on the part of the leadership.

On a Lighter Note:

We talked briefly about the music industry. Beyoncé is the first woman to headline at the Coachella Music Festival since 2007 and the first woman of color to ever do so. Keep slaying, Queen Bee!

Lastly, to close things out, we took a look at the bromance of the ages – Barack and Joe. Please excuse me while I hold back tears.

Did we miss something that everyone is buzzing about? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image Source: Jon S, Flickr

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