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Women and Power: Part I

I find myself asking, “What does a powerful woman look like and how does she act?” Assuming power assists our ability to accomplish our goals, are there things we can do to better convey our power? Embodied within this question is the ultimate issue of whether a powerful woman must act in a way that is more like a man. Although there are role models and images being presented and women are moving in the direction of embracing their own direct use of power, there is still a long way to go. I am especially more curious about powerful women in the workplace because I will be a college educated working women in about 3 short months

Here are some tips and ways I have found to become a powerful women. You can apply these in other situations other than the workplace. but are just 5 steps that I have found helpful to becoming empowered. I finished a book this past week on women empowerment in different aspects so I figured I would start my look into women empowerment with this.

Sfemale-power-ballspeak Up and Be Bold. Speaking is a privilege of power and it projects power and authority. Yet, recent studies have shown that even powerful women speak less often than their male counterparts. There can be a number of reasons for this (e.g. fear of criticism or perhaps our own self-doubt), but we cannot expect to get what we want if we are not willing to promote our beliefs and communicate them often and with authority.

Be Comfortable With Your Power.  Be content with your pursuit of power and influence.  Seek leadership opportunities. Don’t change your behavior to adapt to what you perceive to be the norm and don’t shy away from power.  Power gives you influence and allows you to accomplish your goals. Then recognize and embrace your own power.

Be Willing to Fail and Don’t Dwell on Your Failures.  We must recognize that failure is a part of exercising power.  The question here is how should we react to our failures?  Men generally have a tendency to laugh at their failures and to move on without too much reflection. Perhaps finding our inner woman power would help us accept our failures, take more risk and keep our eye on what really matters.

Be Skillful and Wise. We need to develop and use skills (in communication, technology and organizational management, for example). Skills are necessary and when combined with wisdom, will allow us to achieve results and demonstrate successful ways to lead. We should not be quick to judge, quick to react or be thoughtless in our approach to issues.  Using our skills to build compromise and being wise in establishing strategic relationships can and will result in solidifying our seat at the table.

Don’t Underestimate Appearance  An appearance of power can be equally as useful as power itself.   Images convey power.  We should consider how we project ourselves and how we appear to others. We should be regal and confident in our appearance.

Shout Out some ways you feel powerful as a women in any aspect, not just workplace!

2 Responses to “Women and Power: Part I”

  1. bestlittlelion92

    I really like how you gave ways in which we cannot not only be powerful but be comfortable with our power as well. I am often afraid that by being assertive that people will think that I am bitch, but I have to erase the fear and be brave for the sake of my womanhood. I question though about the image aspect. I get that first impressions are everything, but how important is image to you, I would like you to dwelve more into that concept.Beyond that, I like this post, good insight!


    • steeleba

      Yes! We can’t be afraid of our power and loose our womanhood! I agree with you. And I think the appearance is more like you can’t expect a man to be dressed up in a polishes suit, and a woman walk in with khakis, a polo, and wet hair and expect to be treated with the same respect based off your appearance. I definitely do not think of a professionally dressed women to necessarily have fake nails, uncomfortable high heels and makeup that you wouldn’t normally wear (obviously unless you actually want to do all that stuff which is great too) I think it’s just more of a hint in don’t forget how dressing professionally can make you more credible. Thanks for commenting. Do you agree or see my perspective on appearance?



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