If You Want It, Take It

Last week I stumbled across the Victoria’s Secret PINK GRL PWR event at Grafton-Stovall Theatre. It featured a panel of strong likeminded women with the common goal to celebrate, support, and inspire girls everywhere. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into before walking through those huge movie theatre doors, but let me […]

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A Beyoncé Appreciation Post

Hey what’s up hello to all of you lovely ShoutOut readers. I am absolutely ecstatic to be back working with a brand new batch of bloggers this semester! Feminism never sleeps, and I’m eager to dive back into the fem dialogue as a co-editor with @HeroineAddict and @BoobsRadley, as well as with the fellow bloggers […]

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Women and Power: Part I

I find myself asking, “What does a powerful woman look like and how does she act?” Assuming power assists our ability to accomplish our goals, are there things we can do to better convey our power? Embodied within this question is the ultimate issue of whether a powerful woman must act in a way that is […]

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Quick Hit: Wives studying more!?

I recently came across this article about how a record number of wives are earning higher degrees than their husbands. I thought it was very interesting in that most people continue to think, in general, that men are more educated than women. In fact, recently, over the past 50 years, women have started to be […]

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#Readwomen2014 #tweetaboutit

Hi all! Lfleetwood here and it’s fantastic to be back in action this semester after the winter hiatus, and with a new year comes new resolutions. I still have quite a few things going through my mind from last semester, and I am beyond excited to continue writing with ShoutOut! My own story has dragged […]

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