Not Enough Women at the Table

The 19thAmendment to the Constitution of the United States allowed women the right to vote in 1920. It is 100 years later, and we are only now seeing a rise in women represented in politics. But sadly, we are still extremely underrepresented. For years, women have endured a concerning struggle to reach a concrete level of […]

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JMU Hollerback

Hollaback is a national organization that enables you to report street harassment where and when it occurs. It’s a truly powerful movement to help woman take power back into their hands. Now, a group of JMU students in Matt Ezzell’s Interpersonal Violence (SOCI480) class have brought Hollaback to JMU’s campus – JMU Hollerback.

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Women and Power: Part I

I find myself asking, “What does a powerful woman look like and how does she act?” Assuming power assists our ability to accomplish our goals, are there things we can do to better convey our power? Embodied within this question is the ultimate issue of whether a powerful woman must act in a way that is […]

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I’m a fighter, not an oppressor.

Last week, I wrote a piece on why unchecked chivalry should be dead.  I’ll spare you a re-hash of my points in that post, but essentially, I asserted that an agent of a chivalrous act should consider the agency of the individual receiving that action.  While some men assume that chivalry is an archaic, albeit […]

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Don’t Period.

It was a busy Thursday night at Daves Taverna Downtown, and I couldn’t figure out how to get my purse. I was hosting on the Taratsa, our outdoor patio, and I really needed to change my tampon. As much as I love Daves, I wasn’t willing to go into toxic shock syndrome for my job, […]

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