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Young Girl Wears Paper Dresses: Creativity Ensues

The Oscars are this weekend, the Academy Awards, and everyone is already speculating on who will wear what. Monday morning, we will have to endure the “best” and “worst” dressed individuals, mostly targeting the women’s dresses, accessories, and manicures. This blows my mind after every award show, because hey, I have nothing against ogling a beautiful dress. The elegance of the Academy Awards is one to notice, and I cannot deny that, but we also have a problem, through the media, taking this opportunity to cascade personal attacks against beautiful women for their carefully chosen fashion choice. I will not deny I will be watching the pre-show on the Red Carpet, but with a very critical eye. I cannot ignore the comments, and I pay attention to them. That being said, fashion is clearly an important part of these award shows, and everyone takes notice, even the youngest viewers we still think are watching Blues Clues (is that show even on the air anymore?).

So imagine my surprise when I saw a young girl (4 years old to be exact)  being photographed wearing replicas of dresses seen on the red carpet, and not only that, some she made of her own design. The naysayers were quick to point out her mother had helped (and quite a bit on some outfits) but this little designer dubbed “Mayhem” is gloriously shinning in her creations. I’m sure any 4 year old would need help with scissors or complicated placements of tape!

Mayhem, as she officially needs to be referred to always, is either very aware of fashion in general, or the fashion industry, which also cannot be ignored. What she is very much aware of is a whole slew of societal expectations that show her what beauty is. She’s dressing herself in tiny dresses that even smaller women are posing in and realizing that means “pretty.” We don’t know if it is her mother’s doing to encourage such an awareness of physical beauty and how that is portrayed in fashion, but right now, Mayhem is making some pretty fantastic creations for herself and is not thinking about being told incorrect information of what constitutes beauty.
On the other hand, her mother is encouraging her to go after what she wants to do, and to be creative in a public setting. Mayhem is clearly not afraid to show off her work, though she probably is still quite unaware what an impact her lifesize paper dresses are showing the nation that young girls can be both creative and confident in themselves and that super rocks.
I hope we see more of this mini fashionista and she continues to create amazing paper dresses and hey, maybe we could expect a pant suit soon? I expect to see many new works from Mayhem and absolutely cannot wait for her creativity to reach new heights, maybe even beyond paper so closely associated with paper dolls of late.  So what do you all think, is this problematic to be encouraging a young girl to start obsessing over the fashion industry, or are we witnessing an amazingly creative woman in the making?

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