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Quick Hit: I’m so confused right now

Browsing through the internet mindlessly, just looking for anything to read on this lovely evening, I stumbled upon this article on Raw Story. And I don’t entirely know what to think about it, but it sure is interesting to say the least. The topic? “Are women really so uptight about doors being opened, due to their punishing feminist indoctrination?” Disclaimer: They wrote that, not me.

The article goes on to talk about door opening as a symbolic act of self esteem, and how Purdue researchers found results supporting that men (not women) have their self esteem lowered when someone holds the door open for them. Okay okay, yeah the article is kinda something interesting. But the reason I wanted to post the link is because I’ve been blown away by the discourse in the comments section. I got more interesting view points in the first 20 comments than I did throughout the whole article. If you’re bored or up to no good, I’d definitely say check it out and throw your opinions into the comments… add to the conversation! Here’s the link.

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