Motherhood: An Olympic Sport

Now announcing the Olympic podium results for the Mother category… it looks like this year’s competition goes to- wait. WHAT? Actually, yeah that sounds about right. I can’t believe in this day and age, when more and more responsibilities are being flung upon women, that competing for the Olympic Mother gold medal isn’t here yet. […]

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Surrogacy; crime against humanity?

Mary Pilcher-Cook; feminist extraordinaire! Except, is she? For starters, this Kansas Republican, responsible for the proposed bill SB 302, aims to impose a law that would fine ANYONE involved in surrogacy in the state of Kansas up to $10,000 and one year of imprisonment. That includes hospitals, agencies, surrogates and the surrogate parents. Reasons? Well […]

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A Bone to Pick.

Alright, what in the starry-eyed f**k is this? I’ve got a bone to pick with Eliana Dockterman, the author of an article posted on TIME about the “The Duke Porn Star Isn’t as Empowered as She Claims.” If I have ever heard more biased writing from TIME, then at least they did a better job […]

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