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Quick Hit: Protests at Red Carpet Prove Class Divides

With the glamour of the Academy Awards, we often forget that this glamour may come at the expense of individuals who are working these events to keep the safety of the stars at their highest priority. The security officers who are hired for these events are often paid a yearly part-time wage that is often less than the typical red carpet dress.

So as the Awards approach today, many officers are planning to protest at the show itself, both to give themselves more media, and to let the public know that this award show filled with upper class individuals deeply overshadows a whole class of people living in poverty just to make sure the rich are unharmed while they trapeze across a red carpet while the general public fawns over them.
Remember, as you’re watching the Oscars tonight (even with a wonderfully feminist host Ellen Degerenes) there are other people suffering to make sure they are all safe and having a good night, win or lose. But who is really losing tonight?

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