Newsroom Roundup!

Local In Harrisonburg this past week, a virtual conference was held to promote the growing concern of gun violence in the country. The presenters in the conference are people whose lives have been directly impacted by gun violence. One of the main takeaways of this conference is encouraging people to speak up and voice their concerns […]

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Links Round-Up

This week at ShoutOut!: HannahGrace points out that history was made this week, as two same sex marriages were hosted at West Point, a prestigious military academy. The act that was made possible by two events last year, the lifting of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and the legalization of gay marriage in New York. The marriages are an emblematic victory of the long battle […]

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Links Round-Up

This week: Visionsofourfuture recommends this powerful video put together by Project Unspoken at Emory University asks both men and women what they do in their daily lives to avoid sexual assault and harassment. Following the re-election of President Obama, this article argues that our country is not the “traditional America anymore” — and good riddance. […]

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Link Roundup!

Happy Weekend, everyone! Here are this week’s link roundups! eszenyme wants us to read this really great article on how the “world’s ugliest woman” not only deals with judgment from her condition, but how she’s used that judgment to become a motivational speaker and writer about body image. She also likes this article that discusses feminism in […]

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Summer Hiatus/Final Links Round-Up

Hello good readers! We have reached that time of the semester in which regular blogging will temporarily cease for the break between semesters. But do not fear! Come Fall you will have some new bloggers, some returning bloggers, new co-editors and a new feature! This new feature will be titled “I am a Feminist Because…” and […]

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Wednesday Link Round Up!

So this is the last Wednesday round up of the semester! I really hope that round ups have been beneficial in some way, and anyone has suggestions for improvement or anything, just leave a comment! Aliasmitch was tickled to know: “that the Genderbread Person is still around, and is now new and improved. If you […]

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Wednesday Links Round Up

Eszenyme thinks: “This link is great! It features a discussion of what is patriarchy by Ashley Judd. I think it’s great that she takes a more general definition of patriarchy instead of just labeling it men v. women.” Femistorian uncovered: (TW: Discussion of rape and sexual violence) “quite possibly the best article I have found regarding The Hunger Games. […]

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Wednesday Link Round-Up

Happy Wednesday, everyone! First of all, in excellent news for all of us, internationalcupcakebandit linked to the news that Rick Santorum has bowed out of the presidential campaign. Those of us who shuddered in fear and disgust at the phrase “President Santorum” can all breathe a little bit easier now. But just because (one of) the worst contenders […]

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Wednesday Link Round Up

Aliasmitch shared this link to a Jezebel post: “In light of the really racist reactions some of the casting in the Hunger Games film caused, Jezebel has written a pretty neat article about cultural whitewashing and how white is perceived as the neutral (hence “everyone” can “relate” to it) race.” Eszenyme watched a 2 part video series […]

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Wednesday Links Round Up

Hey ya’ll, welcome to your Wednesday links round up! Aliasmitch wanted to share “this amazing piece of Jazz poetry. I was fortunate enough to see the great Jane Cortez perform about a month ago, listening to her performances afterwards has proven to me that this a voice we need to hear now. This piece is titled “Maintain […]

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