Newsroom Roundup!


In Harrisonburg this past week, a virtual conference was held to promote the growing concern of gun violence in the country. The presenters in the conference are people whose lives have been directly impacted by gun violence. One of the main takeaways of this conference is encouraging people to speak up and voice their concerns with local representatives.


The Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego California opened up to women for the first time. Since 1923, their Parris Island boot camp was the only one that accepted women so this is a huge step forward. Congress ordered the Marine Corps to fully integrate their San Diego boot camp by 2028.


The decision for US troops to pull out of Afghanistan is leaving the women fretful for the future. With US troops having been there for the past two decades, the rights of women have greatly improved. There is a lot of fear among these women and hopefully new task forces will be sent to make sure they keep the rights they have.

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