Wednesday Link Round Up!

So this is the last Wednesday round up of the semester! I really hope that round ups have been beneficial in some way, and anyone has suggestions for improvement or anything, just leave a comment!

Aliasmitch was tickled to know: “that the Genderbread Person is still around, and is now new and improved. If you don’t know about the Gingerbread Person, check it out! It’s a pretty neat activity that breaks down the binaries we place on gender and sexual identity. Fun for the whole family!”

Eszenyme shared: “This article gives a great (and snarky) account of just how much money (and time and obsession) families are spending on prom these days. According to Jezebel, the average family spends over $1000 on one prom for one person alone. Outrageous!”

Femistorian rolled her eyes at this story: “As if we needed further proof that our education system is failing, here’s this wonderful article from Jezebel. Apparently poor Texanna was banned from attending her prom because all she wanted to do was wear a dress fashioned to look like the Confederate flag. Because of course that isn’t racist or historically inaccurate. That poor, poor girl.”

Internationalcupcakebandit is fed up with Florida Governor Rick Scott: “Feministing features an article about Florida’s governor who has apparently used a line item veto to defund the Florida’s legislatures proposal of 1.5 million to rape crisis centers… in the middle of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.. Disgusting.”

Kaycorbs444 stumbled upon: “this article from The Huffington Post about the war on women. The author discusses positive effects from the recent publicity of modern feminism. She observes that activity and involvement on college campuses has shown a dramatic increase and postulates a proactive future for our generation in gender equality.”

Katie O. loves “this campaign called 4000 years of choice. The intention is to show that women have been using birth control and having abortions for thousands of years (you know, as long as women have been getting pregnant). In a world where these rights are constantly under attack, it’s amazing to see such positive, affirming language about abortion, not negative, misleading, harmful jargon we usually hear.”

 Parklena couldn’t believe: “Another issue with “fetal rights” in Tennessee where a bill is being passed regarding the idea of miscarriage as murder. It is truly unfair and ridiculous that someone could be charged for murder for what usually is a terrible accident and could cause undue stress on expectant mothers.”

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Link Round Up!

    1. Yes, up until 3! We’ll be on the Commons on Thursday as well, from 11 am to 3 pm! We’ve got free condoms, info about reproductive justice, and all the information about sex ed and contraceptives anyone could need!


        1. Thank you for reading what we have to say! We really appreciate all of our readers and supporters so much.


  1. Another great round-up, and I was again flattered by the ping-back to my site. Happy ya’ll enjoyed the new Genderbread Person. Keep up the great work! This has turned out to be a great blog that I enjoy reading, and I can rarely say that about student org’s blogs.


    1. Thank you! Your blog is also great (Which is why we keep linking to it) and it’s been really fun to read. I’m so glad you’ve found you enjoy our blog, and if you have any suggestions for us please let us know!


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