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Wednesday Links Round Up

Eszenyme thinks: “This link is great! It features a discussion of what is patriarchy by Ashley Judd. I think it’s great that she takes a more general definition of patriarchy instead of just labeling it men v. women.”

Femistorian uncovered: (TW: Discussion of rape and sexual violence) “quite possibly the best article I have found regarding The Hunger Games. Not only does it discuss the realistic portrayals of female strength in the novels, it also tackles the debate about whether or not young adult novels should contain dark themes such as death and violence. As a fellow rape survivor, this article truly resonated with me, and also helped me understand even further why I am so in love with Suzanne Collins’ best-selling trilogy.”

Internationalcupcakebandit discovered this: “Shocking break through! (Found through Apparently Michelle Bachaman is pro-choice now?? HAH.. NOT. She just wants to crap all over Obamacare.”

Katie O. loves “Busty Girl Comics, a series of comics about issues that busty girls (like myself) deal with. Big boobs are idealized in our cultural standard of beauty, but most people have a seriously unrealistic idea of what (natural) big boobs are like. (Hint: they’re not super round and perky). The comics do a great job of actually talking about issues related to big boobs — back aches, impaired vision, exorbitantly expensive bras (more so than bras for smaller breasts), and difficulty finding clothes.”

Kaycorbs444 found “this article in the LA Times as a follow up to the Romney campaign’s struggle with women’s issues. This segment discusses the larger conflict for the Republican’s election prospects as the author analyzes his wife Ann Romney’s credibility as a feminine voice for working American women.”

Parklena “completely agrees with the writer of this post. Students need to be given a more comprehensive sex education or issues such as teen pregnancy and the rates of STIs will get so much worse. Abstinence-only education does nothing to teach teens about the dangers and protecting oneself from those dangers.”

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