Summer Hiatus/Final Links Round-Up

Hello good readers! We have reached that time of the semester in which regular blogging will temporarily cease for the break between semesters. But do not fear! Come Fall you will have some new bloggers, some returning bloggers, new co-editors and a new feature! This new feature will be titled “I am a Feminist Because…” and in the column the writer will either parse out why they identify as a feminist or interview someone on why they are a feminist. It is sure to be an exciting new series! Sadly, this means that The Bitchin’ Table will be retired in order for this new feature to take its place. While we all have a found place in hearts for the table that we bitched at, we found that the feature had ran its course and that it was time to freshen things up around here. We hope that you join us next semester! And stay tuned for graduating seniors to post their farewell posts this week!

With that out of the way, this week’s links round-up!

Aliasmitch was: “fortunate enough to have a fellow feminist blogger comment on his post on cisexism and share her own post that is much better in exploring how bodily organs are gendered and how cisexism functions. This is a MUST read.”

Eszenyme found: “this article that talks about Brangelina’s recent engagement.  Pitt claimed he would never marry Angelina Jolie until marriage was possible for all couples….He seems to be reneging on his end of the bargain but GLAAD doesn’t mind? Hmm…”

Femistorian was excited to find: “finally, Jezebel delivers a complete guide to Hipster Racism! I’ve been trying to explain this to people for years. Just because you think that cultural appropriation is cute, doesn’t mean it’s okay. And just because you think it’s fun to play at being poor in college doesn’t mean that’s how it is for the rest of us. Not everyone lives paycheck to paycheck ironically.”

Internationalcupcakebandit discovered: “this article from the references a Jezebel blog post about an Indian skin whitener. As an Indian women myself, I see these products everywhere in retail stores all over the South, where women are generally darker skinned. I think both this article and Jezebel’s blog post comment on a very frightening reality, that not only does society pressure women to be skinny and “model-like,” but also to be the whitest they can be. Weird. It’s also intriguing that women in America ironically try to be the tannest possible.”

Katie O. uncovered that: “Sweden continues to be better than everyone else with a national push for using the gender neutral pronoun hen for all people. Advocates propose it so that children can be raised to be good people without being gendered into a hierarchy of difference like every where else. Also, apparently in Sweden the national school curriculum pushes people to “counteract traditional gender patterns and gender roles.” Amazing. Of course, there are those who do not support this, but the fact that this is a national conversation at all shows how ahead Sweden is in terms of acceptance.”

Kaycorbs444 read “this post on Feministe about the degradation of contraception, both in politics as well as in popular slang used by men AND women. The author analyzes the damage done by referring to oral contraceptives as “whore pills” in a society that demeans women for having a sexuality (cough cough Rush Limbaugh).”

Parklena found that: “we get to see some progress now that the discrimination policy has expanded to include the transgender community. Hopefully it will be enforced well and we can see more big decisions made for equality.”

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