Wednesday Link Round Up

Aliasmitch shared this link to a Jezebel post: “In light of the really racist reactions some of the casting in the Hunger Games film caused, Jezebel has written a pretty neat article about cultural whitewashing and how white is perceived as the neutral (hence “everyone” can “relate” to it) race.”

Eszenyme watched a 2 part video series from CNN that features an interview from Nujood Ali. It elaborates on Saturday’s post and includes more stories like that of Nujood.

FemOnFire read “an interesting post about the way we view women and marriage today. It highlights the ways that we’ve changed our expectations, and how we are in some ways stuck in the past.”

Internationalcupcakebandit was outraged by this post, also from Jezebel: “Wow wow wow is what I have to say. Allegedly, in the Miss Universe Canada pageant kicked a FINALIST transgender contestant out of the competition in March. They claim that because she was born with a penis, even though she currently has a surgically constructed vagina, she was “lying” on her application when she stated she was a women. Oh and this pageant is owned by Donald Trump. Im tired of heterosexist America being so freaking intolerant. Disgusting.”

Katie O. watched this powerful video (by way of Colorlines Magazine) by men from Howard University, deconstructing racial profiling and the belief embedded into our white supremacist society that Black men are inherently suspicious.

Kaycorbs444 came across this article about the sudden rise in feminist Mormon women bloggers. The post describes the recent push for equality that still holds true to traditional values of the Mormon faith, such as keeping a journal, etc. It was interesting to see how other Mormon readers responded to the new bloggers’ pages, as several followers clearly dispute topics discussed on the webpages, while others fully support the movement in both gender equality, as well as modernization of their religion.

Parklena also shared an article about the reactions of white Hunger Games fans to Black characters: “As The Hunger Games seems to be talked about recently due to the movie coming out, I found this blog article about the racism from fans regarding casting. It’s disappointing to know that racism is still prevalent in this day and age. “

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