What is UP?

Each Tuesday, we’ll be letting you know what we’re talking about in intersectional, feminist current events; pop culture, music, politics, health care, global human welfare, food and agriculture, social media… you name it, we want to hear about it!
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Diversity at JMU: IT EXISTS

I firmly believe in the truth and validity of everyone’s experience. Perception constitutes reality. That is why I have chosen to discuss this issue. I am fully aware of the #MinoritiesAtMadison movement, and I am also aware of the article that my fellow blogger, truequeerlatte, has written for ShoutOut. Let me be clear: It is […]

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Start Wearing Purple

In my first year at James Madison, a week after National Coming Out Day, Spirit Day was ablaze on campus. This spirit was not for the purple and gold before a football game, but instead to raise awareness about LGBT youth, and especially the suicide of Tyler Clementi. Many people brandished their usual JMU t-shirts […]

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