Weekly Dose of Fem Knowledge

First things first: @ferociousfem and i have teamed up to dig up some interesting news for this week.

some trigger warnings: racial issues and body type issues.

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  • #SeeHer Movement: A movement currently catching fire about making showing women in different roles that they are stereotypically expecting to be in. Women are being shown as leaders, doctors, scientists, and more. The idea is to show younger women that they can strive for anything they want to put their mind to. Most recently this movement has been taking place with different advertisements, while also different TV networks also taking part. The CW, for instance, advertises and practices this movement in their new shows “Charmed,” and “Legacies.”

Here’s an example:


  • Black Face Instance: Local Harrisonburg community member, and old staff member of JMU, dressed up as “Urethra Franklin” this Halloween season. There is still know reason for this, it is 2018 (almost 2019), HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW BETTER?! The apology from this man seemed insincere and forces, but i’ll let you pass your own judgment’s, here’s the link to the apology..
  •  On a positive note, FINALLY have “nude ballet slippers” for more than just white people (well in the UK). Shout out to the company, Freed of London, for realizing there are more races than just white.

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  • Restaurants starting a “No Tip” trend: The Idea behind this is that restaurant owners and managers are raising their prices and raising their wages for their severs and bartenders. This trend has its ups and downs, intriguing to see how long term effects are and if it will continue through out the U.S.
  • Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Boycott: “Plus Size” models (or just other models that aren’t VS models) are petitioning for the end of the VS fashion show as they are openly against including all body types and the trans community. The #WeAreAllAngels is trending in support that not only are the one body type shown on the runway important, but all body types are important.
  • Veterans Day 2018: November 11th is meant to give respect to those who have fought in our armed forces. However, this day should also raise awareness to the issues veterans are going through every day, the homelessness population, the problems with the VA, and the refusal of the current administration to follow through and help as they said they would.


  • Some quick topics:
    • Michelle Obama SLAYING on the cover of Elle and discussing her new book about life after being in office. 10/10 recommend checking it outpost 11:13 4.jpg
    • ALSO, The women’s march is open for registration!! The bloggers and I are planning on making the trip to march and share our intersectional feminist views and you should join!! Remember that women’s rights are HUMAN RIGHTS, and as always keep it intersectional! newroom 4.jpg




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One thought on “Weekly Dose of Fem Knowledge

  1. I really appreciate this post! I love hearing about the news stories that have to deal with women and feminism and love how I can get a little dose here. I think posts like this are a good starting point to get other people to do more research on topics they may be interested in. For instance, I did not know there was a protest against the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show but it makes total sense to me and now I’m going to look more into the protests and what Victoria’s Secret may do in response.

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