What is UP?

Each Tuesday, we’ll be letting you know what we’re talking about in intersectional, feminist current events; pop culture, music, politics, health care, global human welfare, food and agriculture, social media… you name it, we want to hear about it!

Let’s start out with something that is probably already on your radar…

Nike Just Did the D*mn Thing

People are burning their expensive athletic wear in protest. But – wait – I thought… peaceful protest… was frowned upon… by these… same… people…???? Well, anyway, Nike’s sales are up more than 30% since the Kaepernick ad launched. Shout out to you, Nike, for taking a stance. I may not agree with everything you do, but it looks like your political/PR move is working in your favor. Oh, and I’m loving watching racist bigots burn their already-purchased clothes. Wasteful, yes, but now we know how they really feel. How do I feel? Check this guy out. He’s more eloquent.

Sweden, honey, what’s going on over there?

With Sweden shouldering so much of the responsibility to house people seeking refuge, migrants, etc, a far-right countermovement has gained a wild level of support. They’re changing Sweden’s political landscape, and the worst part? This far-right movement is something that threatens our political climate as well. *Shudders.*

No Love for Osaka’s Win

Naomi Osaka’s legendary win at the US Open this week shook the international tennis community, but she didn’t get the praise she deserved at first, with all the headlines covering Serena Williams’ loss. I mean, the first Japanese tennis player to win a major tennis tournament. AND she’s 20! 20!!!! That is one powerhouse of a woman. Why aren’t we talking about her more? Hmph. That all aside, though, Williams has been taking some serious heat for standing up for herself against the referee during the match. She was fined $17,000 for offenses that male tennis players do regularly during matches anyway. Another hmph. The racist and sexist undertones in news coverage of her loss is frustrating, framing her as an angry black woman who was just a sore loser. Yet. Another. Hmph.

Disappointed in you, tennis community… This is all just after Alize Cornet was penalized and humiliated during her match for turning her shirt around on the court. Again, something that male tennis players have done time and time again. The league apologized afterwards, but sheesh – women in tennis aren’t having an easy go this week.

India Decriminalizes Gay Sex

Proud of you, India! India’s now overturned law included homosexual intercourse in the same category of offense as having intercourse with an animal. Wait – what year is it? After years and years, with many more to come, of fighting back against the current that colonization dragged you down, we see you working hard to reach equality. The case, Navtej Singh Johar v Union of India, forced the hand of their Supreme Court overturned the outdated law. Long overdue, yes, and all thanks to their stance on the fundamental right to privacy. We’re excited for what is to come for the international LGBTQIA community. Cheers!


THIS WEEK: Who should you be following? Check out Unlikely Hikers. ALL. THE. POSITIVE. VIBES. I live for it. 


That wraps up this week’s News Room. Did something happen this week that I didn’t touch on? Put it on our radar by commenting on my post!


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