Guess Who’s Back?!

Hello loyal readers! WE’RE BACK! And better than ever!  We are bigger than we’ve ever been,and we’re all ready to dive back into this thing we call feminism.   We have some veterans to feminism, some new faces, some feMENists…each with their own take on what it means to be socially conscious in our world.  We’re […]

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Winter Hiatus

Hello, lovely readers! I bet you’re wondering where your daily dose of feminist critique has gone.  Well, it’s our winter hiatus where we recharge those feminist batteries at home with friends and family so that we can come back better than ever next semester.  

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Assuming Sexuality

Today I want to tell you the story about two individuals who started out as really good friends but ended up hating each other because of miscommunication and societal assumptions. Let me set the scene for you….

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Forget Glamour Hand Me Bitch

Once I grew into my feminism I realized that the magazines that I consumed (Glamour, Cosmo, Lucky) were anything but promoting my ideals of how women should be seen and treated.  Yet, I still wanted my magazines something quick and simple to read while taking some personal time.  So, what is a social conscious feminist […]

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Don’t Friend Zone Me

I HATE the “friend zone” and not because I am in that situation currently or that I feel bad for those people who are there now.  Nope, I hate it because the whole mentality is really wrong and those who use it as a reason to be pissed kind of come of as jerks themselves. […]

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You’re A Grand Ole Flag?

As many of you may know Kanye West recently wore a jacket with a Confederate flag patch on the sleeve.  As is the usual of any celebrity doing, anything really, it blew up the social media atmosphere.  People were Tweeting and Facebooking like crazy some of them claiming he was in the right and others […]

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Feminism Is About Men

I know what you are thinking; you could not have possibly read that correctly because there is absolutely no way I just stated that feminism is about men.  Even as I wrote the statement that tiny little feminist inside me shouted to the heavens asking how I could take this one thing away from women.  […]

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You’re Not Funny Pt. 1

I recently found this picture about comedian Mark Anderko (@ComedianMark) whose joke goes along these lines, “So I buy this girl a drink at the bar and you know what she does?  She says ‘thanks’ and hands it to her boyfriend…normally that would piss me off but it was fucking hilarious watching him drink that […]

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