Forget Glamour Hand Me Bitch

Once I grew into my feminism I realized that the magazines that I consumed (Glamour, Cosmo, Lucky) were anything but promoting my ideals of how women should be seen and treated.  Yet, I still wanted my magazines something quick and simple to read while taking some personal time.  So, what is a social conscious feminist to do?  Find magazines that support her ideas of course!  If you too are looking for something a little more mentally stimulating and less objectifying take a look at a couple of these magazines.

1. Bitch Magazine


According to Bitch Magazine themselves their mission is to, “provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture.”  And they have been doing so since 1996 when they created their first issue.  They decided on the name ‘Bitch’ because the word is hurled at women who speak their mind and will not just stand idly by smiling about the conditions of women in society.  They decided that if that is what it means to be a ‘bitch’ then they will take it as a compliment and continue to be one.

2. Ms. Magazine

Ms. Magazine is the oldest and first magazine of its kind, starting in the 1970s Ms. was the collective work of the second wave of feminist ideals.  Although, it started as an one-shot within the New York Magazine its demand grew to unanticipated proportions.  It is the mother ship of  feminist voices, ideas, and issues heard on a platform that is accessible and constant.

3. BUST Magazine

Since 1993 BUST has been “BUSTing stereotypes about women”.   For BUST the goal is to be fiercely, funnily, and totally proud to be female in all of their capacities.  They are also a commentary about women in popular culture and the lived experience of women within this society.

4. Tagg Magazine

Tagg Magazine is a magazine that just recently turned a year old and is geared toward the Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community in Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware areas.  Its goal is to shine light on a community that has often been ignored within mainstream media.  Tagg’s intent to focus on female issues, specifically within the LGBT community, allows a space for voices that are often ignored to be heard.

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