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How Many Times Do We Have To Say This?

I was doing my usual Facebook stalk when I stumbled upon this wonderful little gem through Huffington Post

A tweet that says,

Seriously?! Why?!

As I’ve done in two previous posts (You’re Not Funny Pt. 1 and You’re Not Funny Pt. 2) I argue again and again that making light of the very serious crime of rape is just not funny.  I can’t tell what’s more frightening the fact that this post exists, that it’s been retweeted about 100,000 times, or that half of the retweets are from women.  It’s all just baffling to me!  People have made the joke that the punchline has to be that the rapist would go to jail since we know that most rapists never see the inside of a courtroom, let alone the inside of a jail cell.  Regardless of where the punchline lies this casual attitude that we have about a problem that occurs about every two minutes in the United States is detrimental to the lived experiences of victims.    Are you as frustrated as I am with this incidences?  Let me know in the comments!

2 Responses to “How Many Times Do We Have To Say This?”

  1. Chelsea Gray

    The only time I’m flattered by someone trying to “fuck” me is when I want to fuck them too. But I guess my feelings on the matter aren’t as important as how a man feels *headdesk*



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