My Last Post

Graduation is just around the corner and for a senior like me that means the end of a lot of things, including the last time I will be posting as an official member on ShoutOut!  The experiences and people I have met through this class/group has completely changed who I am and how I see […]

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Quick Hit: #BringBackOurGirls

As a rule I generally don’t ask our readers to sign anything, but this case is much different.  As some of you many know over 200 Nigerian girls were abducted from their school.  Their abduction is being linked to a terrorist group who are allegedly selling the girls as brides all because these girls wanted […]

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We Are Not Colorblind

As many of you know (hopefully—pay attention to the world!) the Supreme Court recently upheld, in a 6-2 decision, the Michigan ban on Affirmative Action in regards to colleges.  This means that race (along with sex and national origin) can no longer be considered when looking at applicants.  Theoretically this is great and hypothetically is […]

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Quick Hit: Close, But No Cigar

Huffpost Women wrote an excellent article about how there has been a great number of progress within the feminist movement of getting men on board with the message, but that we have to continue the movement with them.  Currently, we have been able to get men to understand the feminist movement by attaching acts of […]

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Sometimes it is accidental, sometimes it is on purpose, but either way you look at it we are constantly overhearing other people’s conversations.  Most of the time it is just benign conversations they are going to be eating, what they drunkenly did that weekend, or complaining about their classes.  Mostly they are harmless conversations, but […]

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Quick Hit: She Shakes Her Body

If you have twenty minutes ( I know you have twenty minutes, you spend more than that on Facebook) take the time to read this little excerpt, but more than that watch this video! Maysoon Zahid is a disabled Arab-American female comedian (talk about the intersections of oppression) who spends this Ted Talk talking about her life […]

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