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You’re Not Funny Pt. 1

I recently found this picture about comedian Mark Anderko (@ComedianMark) whose joke goes along these lines, “So I buy this girl a drink at the bar and you know what she does?  She says ‘thanks’ and hands it to her boyfriend…normally that would piss me off but it was fucking hilarious watching him drink that roofie.” OMG!  That is soooo funny! Right?!  Wrong! This is wrong on so many different levels.  There are thousands and thousands of women who haven’t been so “lucky” to pass off their drink and have been sexually assaulted because of the subsequent effects.  That’s not something you should be proud of or laugh about and it certainly shouldn’t be the punch line of some joke.  I know that many people think feminists don’t have a sense of humor and can’t take a joke, but that’s not true I just don’t think making fun of a very real and serious situation is okay.  It might be funny if according to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey from 2006-2010 there weren’t 207, 754 cases of rape and sexual assault per year, but there are so therefore jokes like these just don’t make me laugh.

Rape Sloth Meme saying

This is disgusting not funny.

I found this great blog by FeministBorgia as to, “On why rape ‘jokes’ are bad…” but even more than the reasons she gives, you have no idea the experiences of those around you.  How much of an asshole would you feel like if you made a dead baby joke and a woman you were around had just had a miscarriage?  Why is rape any different?  Oh, because it was probably her fault right?  She was wearing inappropriate clothing, she was drunk, she shouldn’t have led him on, and all in all as a woman she was probably asking for it.  That’s got to be why you think making the joke is okay.   No?  Then why do it?

From the jokes that “comedians” like Mark Anderko make, to the Rape Sloth Meme, to saying you “raped” that test, none of these are funny to rape victims.  It’s not funny to see people make light of a situation from which you still may not have recovered.  It’s not funny to make a punch line based on a worldwide epidemic.  It’s just not funny.   If you read nothing else please take the time to read how one rape victim wished her rapist could feel like and then tell me if you think this is still okay to joke about.

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments!  What are the jokes that have upset you?

7 Responses to “You’re Not Funny Pt. 1”

  1. feministborgia

    Thanks for writing this.
    I once went to see the comedian Jimmy Carr (I know, I’m not proud of it) and he told the old ‘9/10 people enjoy gangrape’. There is something uniquely terrifying being in a dark room full of men you don’t know laughing uproariously at a rape joke.


    • imagineherstory

      Thanks for reading! Yes, I’ve had that same situation occur to me where you sit back and wonder that if they’re laughing about this sort of thing what would they do in the same situation.


  2. shoutabyss

    I agree. Not a funny joke. It’s sad we live in a world where “roofies” are so prevalent they become a punchline. Thanks for writing this important post.


  3. nicholas c

    I’m a little late to the party, but I think that it’s irrational to call this comedian’s joke, “wrong”. And I’ll explain why.

    I am about 99.9 percent certain that you have laughed at a joke that would have offended another person. You see, everyone has something that offends them. Yours is rape.
    For some people it’s fat jokes, idiot jokes, polish jokes, etc. And it’s okay to be offended.
    But, you have to realize that if you’re only standing up when it’s “your thing” to be offended about, that it’s hypocritical to sit down and laugh when a comedian tells a joke about murder, death, religion, war, etc.

    Because somewhere, someone is deeply affected by those topics.
    The most sensible response to a joke that offends you is to take it for what it is: a joke that you didn’t find funny.


    • imagineherstory

      Thanks for the comment and it’s never too late to voice your opinion! And I’ll definitely agree that I have laughed at things that in hindsight I realize are inappropriate and hurtful. It’s something that I am constantly working on because I believe that being aware and conscious of the lived experiences of those around you is really important. However, I just want to point out that I do my best to not only stand up when it’s “my thing” because I have a lot of “things” that I think shouldn’t be made light of and try to do my best to not be hypocritical by voicing my opinion only when it’s convenient or an issue I care about. It just so happened that the rape joke had just crossed my path and it was what I was angry about at the time, but believe me there are plenty of jokes around that I find just as inappropriate and not funny. My larger point is that making jokes about serious issues in a negative way (yes, I believe that there is a positive way i.e. John Stewart) helps to foster the larger cultural ignorance about the topic which helps no one.



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