In The News: Art, Politics, & More

1. JMU women’s basketball improved their record last week by defeating UCF 46-43. Kayla Cooper-Williams scored 8 points total, had 16 rebounds, and two blocks. The next game will happen December 17th against Delaware State. Make sure to go out and support your Dukes!

image via jmusports

2. Just 30 miles away in West Virginia, a forest fire broke out last week. The fire was reported to burn around 1,289 acres of lands. From a Friday report, around 60% of the fire is contained. The fire was said to have started on Thanksgiving morning. Landowners near the fire have been affected, but luckily no structures were burned.

3. Additionally in local news, on November 30th an RV’s tire blew out on I-81. This resulted in 3 people being injured. Three dogs were in the RV and are being properly cared for. Traffic ensued for 6 miles after the incident.

4. In national news, Senator Kamala Harris dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race. Harris stated that she simply did not have the funds to support her campaign. The campaign was struggling to gain momentum.

image from giphy

5. In Florida, Bailey Contemporary Arts (BaCA) creates exhibit for Cuban women and their photography. The exhibit is entitled, Building a Feminist Archive: A Showcase of Cuban Women Photographers in the U.S. The showcase will consist of 10 women. Their work highlights a diverse history of migration, community, activism, and resistance.

6. In global news, Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron get into a tiff. Trump, after criticizing NATO plenty of times was offended when Macron said NATO was “brain dead”. When in reality, Macron was actually saying NATO was “brain dead” BECAUSE of Trump.

image via giphy

7. Saudi feminist film ‘Scales’ wins best picture at Singapore International Film Festival. Director, Shahad Ameen explained the film took her 6 years because she wanted to make it as “feminist as she wanted.”

image from bing

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