Not Enough Women at the Table

The 19thAmendment to the Constitution of the United States allowed women the right to vote in 1920. It is 100 years later, and we are only now seeing a rise in women represented in politics. But sadly, we are still extremely underrepresented. For years, women have endured a concerning struggle to reach a concrete level of representation in government politics. In the United States, the leading challenge women face is patriarchy. Regardless of a woman’s experience, education or abilities, she is still stigmatized and degraded for simply being a woman. It is always men. Men hold the power. Especially in the land of politics.


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The United States has cultivated this persona of concern around women. The patriarchal nature of our society has convinced the citizens of the United States that strong, intelligent, and independent women are worrisome and unreliable in the world of politics and government officials. There is clear evidence from countries like Liberia, India, the United Kingdom, Dominica, and many other female lead countries, that women in power bring a strong presence of acclaimed leadership.

The United States is one of the major global powers of the world, and yet it is extremely behind in its equal representation in leadership. Out of the 193 countries in terms of women’s representation in government, the United States is only 75th. This is a major global issue. As such a global powerhouse, our country should be a positive example to other countries, but instead, we have fallen behind, and women remain underrepresented at the federal, state, and local levels. The United States could learn from some European countries with strong female leadership and finally tackle the issue of equal political representation.


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Kamala Harris, Democratic U.S. Senator from California, who sadly recently dropped out of the 2020 presidential race, stated, “something I’ve seen over and over again in my own career is that women in power bring a different perspective, an essential perspective.” Yes, we have made some necessary improvements in 2018, with an exceptional number of women running for office, and over 100 women sworn in to the 116th Congress, but we still have an extensive way to go. Men hold 90% of all government head positions. That is just sad. We are a country evenly populated with an equal number of men and women, and yet men hold the majority of power. It is not right, and it is not how our country should be run.


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Instead of being noticed for our smart ideas, collaborative efforts, and contributions to success, we are judged for how we look, how we are dressed, and questioned for being unqualified and less competent than men. Why? It is because apparently, we are sensitive and emotionally taxing. Apparently, we are incapable of running a country. I believe we are more capable than ever! The amount of unfairness and inequality that is produced in the political government is almost uncanny. The benefits women can bring to politics is endless and can provide an altered point of view that will bring an extremely necessary change to our country.

The key to tackling the challenges we face in our government is ensuring the women are at the table.

We need to have a voice. We need to speak up. WE have opinions and solutions too, and they NEED to be heard.





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