Stay Out of office Trump!

I’m tired of arguing with people over why Trump is unfit to run a country and not someone to be idolizing or supporting. I’m not trying to argue that being a good person will make you a good president, but the person who runs our country should care about everyone within it. In November of […]

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The F Word

No… not that one. With the reign of Trump possibly coming to an end by the beginning of next year, it had me thinking about the shift of women’s activism that took a major turn at the start of his campaign and eventual election. Feminism seemed to once be a title to be proud of […]

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In The News: Art, Politics, & More

1. JMU women’s basketball improved their record last week by defeating UCF 46-43. Kayla Cooper-Williams scored 8 points total, had 16 rebounds, and two blocks. The next game will happen December 17th against Delaware State. Make sure to go out and support your Dukes! 2. Just 30 miles away in West Virginia, a forest fire […]

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Three Men, One Missile: For the First Time, Trump Does Something Right

Over this weekend, a bromance bloomed between President Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but not for the reason you would expect. Despite chronically ridiculing President Obama’s number of golf rounds over the past eight years, Trump is now determined to form personal connections with foreign dignitaries through… wait for it… golf! Unfortunately, Trump […]

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With Beer and Justice for All

What does beer have to do with immigration? Maybe a frat boy wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat while watching Fox News report on Trump’s recent travel ban and opening an ice cold brewski — but you’ll have to ask Budweiser for a better explanation. One of America’s favorite beer kingdoms pre-released their Super […]

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