The Greatest Hoax of ALL

The Greatest Hoax of ALL

It’s a 300-billion-dollar industry and it’s growing year over year

It’s the greatest hoax on women kind spanning earths hemispheres

It’s the most extensive marketing scheme packaged with a glittering ribbon

It’s number one target of attack, victim, casualty?….WOMEN.


The wedding industry capitalizes on the dream of “and they lived happily ever after”

The happiest DAY of HER life, filled with emotional tears, love, and laughter

It’s the ONE day, HER day, customized dream designs embossed

There will be no other event like it…spare no expense, rack up the costs


The wedding planner, the DJ, officiant, ceremony musicians

The caterer, photographer, the dancer, and magicians

They must come recommended complete with all credentials

But the groom, until death do us apart…yea, he just needs potential


The white wedding gown symbolizes her purity and innocence

The beading, bows, stones, and lace sewn with great diligence

It MUST take HIS breath away, the veil in perfect placement

Forget that he’s unemployed and lives in mama’s basement


The announcements, rehearsals, floral arrangements, and gifts

Seating arrangements, the cake, cocktails, no detail can be missed

The manis the pedis, hair dresser, and makeup artists

One by one they succumb…the poor and the finically smartest


Handpicked wedding venues to the reception hall

5 course dinners, dessert bar, and the flowing alcohol

The bridesmaids, the groomsmen, they all know the drill

They too are obligated and must carry their own bill


The momentous occasion…THE highlight of her life

Will take place at the alter when she becomes someone’s wife

Her parents proudly “give her away” releasing all their claim

She’s now MRS. – Insert HIS first and HIS last name


The garter toss signifies the impending wedding night

Where she will LOSE and he will TAKE her virginity, his rite.

She has dreamed and reenacted this day from her childhood

Years of planning, lights, camera, action…Hello Hollywood!


Each bride determined not to be eclipsed by the other

Not recognizing that the winner is actually the biggest sucker

The industry lines their pockets delivering the perfect occasion

How did this ONE day become the most significant equation?


The average U.S. wedding costs over thirty eight thousand dollars

That’s 60% of the median HOUSEHOLD income according to the scholars

Despite our spend, statistically 50% of marriages will end in divorce

Ladies this is a hefty price to pay for a 50/50 chance at remorse


The pinnacle moment of happiness can’t be reduced to this event

The beginning and end, can’t be deduced to him on one knee bent

Surely the “perfect wedding” cannot be our greatest achievement

Maxing out credit lines is not love… it’s self-mistreatment


Don’t let the industry fool you there are no guarantees with “I do”

Your happiest day has no embellishments but it starts with a breakthrough

The moment we love ourselves completely and know that we are enough

The best part is, this realization is free and doesn’t require a penny or stuff.


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Hoax of ALL

  1. I really like this post. I feel like the media is broadcasting these weddings for a “happily ever after” image and most of them end in domestic abuse and/or divorces. There is this pressure not only from the media but from our society to get married young and get married as fast as you can etc. Take your time and find yourself! AND LETS GET RID OF GENDER WEDDING STEREOTYPES!

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  2. Yes, yes, yes. LOVE THIS! There seems to be so much pressure and stress when you’re in your mid 20s to find a man, settle, down and get married…and don’t forget the babies. But why? Why RUSH?! I hate that the media portrays this “perfect” image of what a marriage and wedding looks like, when in reality it’s quite the opposite lol. I loved that you wrote about this and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Well done!! 🙂

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