PMS Jokes Aren’t Funny. Period.

The world has had its’ stupendous amounts of ignorant people that lived since the dawn of men (more like WOMEN). The twenty-first century is no exception to this. When the government is predominantly men, it’s idiotic that they make laws and policies for women’s health care and feminine care when they don’t experience any of the pain and worries that we do. There are inherently no policies for the availability of feminine care for those in need. The women from the University of the District of Columbia wrote a booklet for menstrual inequality in Virginia alone.



Here is a question from many females around the world: Why do we need to pay for feminine care when we have NO choice in choosing to have a menstrual cycle? You’d be surprised at just how much a female pays for pads, tampons, menstrual cups, wipes, liners, and even medicine for the pain. Not to mention, imagine trying to help the environment and using a reusable pad. Us ladies can’t just “return” pads or menstrual cups.

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Let’s take a look at this quote from Medium:

“These costs may seem outrageous…. $10,000 in a lifetime just to have a period? But the truth is that people who menstruate tend to minimize or compartmentalize the amount they spend, either because it slowly adds up over time or because we just accept it as reality. Or both.”

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Imagine a man complaining about a woman and how much they have to spend a year just for her “needs”. It’s frustrating because it’s uncomfortable and painful. It affects our daily lives from school to work. Imagine telling a middle school teacher that you need to leave to the nurse’s office for a pad and they ask why? It’s heartbreaking knowing that tampons and sanitary wipes are the most requested items at shelters. There are women who are working so hard to feed their children first that they can’t even cover their own basic necessities.

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Another thing that has bothered me is the complete and unnecessary outrage made by men on social media about women bleeding on bed sheets or complaining that women aren’t special and do not deserve free hygiene products. Some of them even compare our needs to theirs as if our menstrual needs are the same as razors which we ALSO buy. Ignorant, as per usual.  Let’s take a look at one particular quote of an idiot who put this on Facebook:



Honestly, probably the stupidest thing I’ve heard this semester… but grab some popcorn and let’s take a look at the comments.



Now moving on to the bigger picture:

The government should at least put in place a policy to supply homeless shelters or even food banks with feminine care because it’s the most requested item. At least if we do have to pay for the product, do NOT tax us on these basic necessities. It isn’t equality to have us taxed for something that another sex does not have to pay.

Honestly, it’s a crime and it’s time for us to take a stand for those who can’t stand for themselves, one period at a time.

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One thought on “PMS Jokes Aren’t Funny. Period.

  1. This post is soo true! Literally it’s mind-blowing the number of times my dad has complained about me, my mom, and my sister needs feminine care products. He constantly asked or insinuated that we should get a cheaper option, but the thing is there is no cheaper option. This article is so true, and men need to realize that its a lose lose unless they change the legislation. The alternative is not very practical so the ball is in their hands and the governments. This post is so good, and I really appreciate it.

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