Girls’ Night Out Anthems 2019

As Sunday scaries have inevitably set in and the dread of upcoming assignments has fogged the lens that allow us to see what is most important; curating the best pregame playlist a Thursday night has ever seen. As a night out approaches, and the sprint to get ready is in full force, those songs that empower you and your girls are an essential to the pre party ritual. I have compiled a list of my new favorite songs you need to add to the rotation.

Charli XCX feat. Kim Petras and Tommy Cash: Click

Charli XCX is dominating Pop right now and Click only exemplifies why. This pop banger with an edge is a powerhouse for quick lines declaring her girl group’s clout.  Charli’s affinity for the ostentatious is the source for the tracks energy and uncanny ability to bring girl groups together universally.

Rapsody feat. Leikeli47: Oprah

Rapsody’s third studio album Eve is an intense, almost theatrical production packed with declarations of black female empowerment and societal critiques. Oprah is no exception, a money-centric dance song intertwined with commentary on the music industry and slavery that makes for a refreshing, slightly ironic take on a classic theme.

Rico Nasty, Kenny Beats: Hatin

The familiar Dirt Off Your Shoulder sampling backs the same middle fingers up hustling attitude that Jay Z captures in his 2003 track. Rico’s raw lyricism and punk rock demeanor makes for an anthem that stands on its own. Every line in Hatin is fueled with unyielding confidence so infectious any girl can embrace their inner rock star.

MUNA: Number One Fan

An unlikely pick. The starting lyrics, “nobody likes me and I’m gonna die alone” do not exactly scream poster child for female empowerment. Number One Fan manages to effortlessly wrap the experience of going against negative inner thoughts into a danceable hit. The relatability, catchy lingo, and ethereal indie/pop crossover makes this song one for the internet age. In this Age, the cool kid jock/ freak cliche has faded into the 80s and this MUNA single is made for girls of the new generation.

Mulatto: B*tch From Da Souf

An autobiographical tale of ATL native, Alyssa Michelle Stephens that can bring Jersey and Georgia girls to the dance floor (or kitchen), B*tch From Da Souf is an instant classic. The straightforward sex, money, power theme laced with critiques of sexism in the music industry combines for a no brainer girls’ night out anthem.


2 thoughts on “Girls’ Night Out Anthems 2019

  1. I love this article and I think it is really unique! I really opened my eyes to a new style of music, and I really liked it!


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