Men respecting women in music???

In early October, one of my favorite bands of all time, The Avett Brothers, released a new album titled  “Closer Than Together”. The album offers fans a handful of songs that, while not ripped directly from the headlines, nevertheless offer damning commentary on some of the more appalling aspects of America circa 2019. One of the […]

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Girls’ Night Out Anthems 2019

As Sunday scaries have inevitably set in and the dread of upcoming assignments has fogged the lens that allow us to see what is most important; curating the best pregame playlist a Thursday night has ever seen. As a night out approaches, and the sprint to get ready is in full force, those songs that […]

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“American Honey” review: A lost America through the perspective of a lost girl

A grocery store chicken wrapped in plastic is fished from a trashcan and thrown to a little red-headed kid. A young woman spontaneously riding in a pick-up truck with a group of oil-workers who sneer when she asks “if they’re rich.” A van filled mostly with white kids in baseball caps, tank-tops, and metal neck […]

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Stay Nasty

Today, I find myself in a precarious position of devastation, desperation and helplessness. I, like a majority of Americans who voted, did not want to see this cabinet replace that of the Obama Administration. I, like a majority of Americans, felt that when it came to deciding between a highly qualified, experienced woman and a […]

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